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Should you Get Breast Implants?


The Pros and Cons of going under the knife for bigger breasts.

If you’re wondering, “Should I get breast implants?”, chances are that you are uncomfortable with your current chest size.  This reason, along with many others, motivates women all over the world to pursue breast augmentation surgery to increase their breast size.  Here we will briefly discuss improper motivation for breast augmentation surgery and then go over some of the main reasons why women receive breast augmentation surgery.

Reason NOT to Get Breast Implants

If you find yourself asking “Should I get breast implants?” merely because one of your friends has gotten them, that is not a recommended reason for you to do the same.  Breast implants are expensive, foreign substances inserted into your body through surgical means, and they can cause health problems.  It is important to be properly motivated before pursuing breast augmentation surgery because the complications that can arise can be serious.

Reasons TO Get Breast Implants

That said, there are good motivations to wanting breast augmentation surgery.  Most of the reasons listed below have to do with dissatisfaction with the way your breasts currently look or feel.  Consider how you feel about your current breast size before deciding to get breast implants. 

Too Small of Chest

If you feel like your chest size is too small or disproportionate to the rest of your body, you should get breast implants.  This is one of the main reasons why women get breast implants, because they feel that their breasts are not as large as they could or should be.  This can affect not only self-perspective and self-confidence but can also affect the clothing you wear.  For example, a woman may wear clothing that fits suitably around the hips or the waist but does not fill out the chest portion of the clothes.  Swimsuits can be uncomfortable and make the woman feel less shapely than she’d like. 

Uneven Chest

Having an uneven chest is a big reason to motivate a woman to want breast implants.  Some women are born with a genetic deformity or have some other genetic condition that makes the breasts uneven in size.  Other women have had mastectomy surgery to remove cancerous breast tissue in one or both of their breasts.  For women who don’t have even chests, breast implants can be used to create a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Weight Fluctuation

Weight fluctuation can do unfortunate things to a woman’s breasts.  Many women who were perhaps healthy and fit as teenagers find that they gain weight as they get older.  However, when they then lose the weight later, the fat comes off of their breasts and refuses to leave their waists, hips, thighs, buttocks, or upper arms.  In addition, women who have gone through periods of being overweight and are now slender often find that their breasts are not shaped or filled the way they would desire.  The skin may sag uncomfortably, pulling them downward.  Breast implants can change that.


With aging, breasts tend to sag.  Although aging is natural and sagging breasts do naturally occur, our current society continues to place high value on appearance.  Many women believe that breasts that are sagging can and should be corrected with breast augmentation surgery.  Aging and sagging breasts can be a good motivator and good reason that you should get breast implants.  If you’re getting on in years and you’d rather not look it, consider breast implants as a means to keep you looking young and fit in spite of what the calendar year says.

Post Child Bearing

Pregnancy and nursing can do a lot to a woman’s body.  Most women struggle to lose baby fat in unwanted areas and struggle to figure out what happened to their breasts.  Nursing fills out the breast tissue, and once a woman is done nursing the breasts can be flabby with excess skin.  Breast implants can eliminate this problem by filling out the area that used to be fuller inside the skin, making the breasts more rounded once again.

Stand Out In A Crowd

Some women do not necessarily have small chests, but they want to be able to stand out in a crowd.  Breast implants are an excellent way to provide a little something to make these women feel more unique, more noticeable, and more self-confident so that they stand out when they are surrounded by others. 


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