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Breast Implants: High Profile Implants


Understading the Different Profile Options for Breast Implants

While it’s difficult enough to choose the right size of breast implants, choosing the right profile of breast implants can seem even more daunting.  There are definite clear differences between high profile breast implants and classic or moderate profile breast implants.  The reasons why you should select one over the other depend largely on your body type and your needs or desires with breast augmentation.  In this article we will go over what high profile breast implants are, when they are needed, and how to choose them based on your own body type.

What Are High Profile Breast Implants?

The profile of the breast implant has to do with its projection out from the chest wall.  A breast implant that does not project very much from the chest wall has a lower profile than one that projects distinctly.  High profile breast implants are more easily visible from the profile or side view of the body.  In addition, they typically have a lower base width at the chest.  For example, a breast implant with classic profile will have a wide base width at the chest and standard profile projection.  However, the same cc of breast implant with high profile will have a small base width at the chest and very high projection for the profile.  In sum, high profile breast implants are narrower in the front and more noticeable from the side.

When Are High Profile Breast Implants Needed?

High profile breast implants are generally needed to add significant profile projection to a small chest.  For example, if a woman has had breast tissue removed via mastectomy surgery for one breast, she may need high profile projection to make up the difference between her natural breast and the one to have the implant.  In another instance, a woman who has always had a small chest may desire high profile breast implants to make a significant difference in her appearance.  In most cases, high profile breast implants are needed to add a substantial amount of profile projection to a woman’s previously “flat” chest. 

Who Should Use High Profile Breast Implants?

High profile breast implants are not just for anyone.  Women with large body frames are less likely to need a high profile breast implant because of their wide frames.  The high profile implant has a narrow base width, which means if the woman’s shoulders are wide set and she receives high profile implants in breast augmentation surgery, her breasts will look awkwardly and unnaturally centered on her chest.  They will be too far toward the center of her body, removed from her shoulders, rather than placed where they naturally ought to be.  Women with small body frames or narrow chests are far more likely to need high profile breast implants.  The smaller base width will suit their small frames naturally.  Furthermore, for women who have naturally small frames as well as small bust sizes, the high profile implant will provide more shape for their frames and adjust their proportions accordingly.  Although body type is the keenest indicator of which profile of breast implant to receive, lifestyle and implant needs are also important factors.  

An athletic lifestyle may not work well with high profile breast implants, particularly as the woman builds chest muscle and exercises.  But a woman who wants to stand out more in the crowd can benefit significantly from a high profile breast implant.  Wardrobe can also influence the profile of breast implant you choose.  Your clothing will fit you differently with a high profile breast implant than with a classic profile breast implant. 

Should I Get High Profile Breast Implants?

This is a question to be considered.  Look at your body frame, lifestyle, and implant needs, and let those be your guide.  There are varying levels of breast implant profiles; for example, Mentor silicone gel breast implants come in moderate or classic, moderate plus, high, and ultra high.  Talk to your plastic surgeon about your needs and he or she will help you figure out which profile is best for your situation.

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