Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are often a great option for people that no longer have their original set of teeth. When confronted with what to do next, patients will opt for regular dentures as they are simple to put in and remove, and they can do the basic tasks required of them. However, now you have a great option in modern permanent dentures. These will never move, slip or slide around in your mouth and give the wearer total confidence in public. Permanent partial dentures have become commonplace nowadays. If you are not needing a complete set of dentures than a partial denture could work perfectly.


There are so many valid reasons why more dental patients are choosing to have fixed dentures instead of regular ones;

  • The procedure is becoming more affordable
  • The healing time is far lower than in the past
  • The discomfort from wearing normal dentures is completely removed
  • The ability of never having to worry about your teeth slipping or moving

What a lot of people fail to realize is that there is a much more effective way of wearing your dentures, and that’s having them in permanently. Permanent dentures are incredibly reliable, and can perform all the tasks that your natural teeth do.
When you make your dentures permanent, you don’t have to worry about what food you can and cannot chew. You no longer have to worry about the discomfort when the dentures move around your mouth, or the embarrassment of having them slip during a conversation. This allows you to have the freedom that most of us takes for granted with our regular teeth, and allows the wearer to eat the foods and do the things that they would have done prior to having the dentures.
As anyone with regular dentures knows, there are some foods that you simply cannot go near when you’re wearing them. The texture and constitution of some foods make it almost impossible to eat. With fixed permanent dentures, people have not only reported being able to eat thick steaks, but in some cases, people have been able to chew gum with no problems. The prospect of chewing gum may seem trivial to anyone with their original teeth, although if you wear dentures, then you know just how daunting and impossible that task would seem.

The Background
As with many other dental procedures, permanent dentures are fitted using small titanium pins, otherwise known as a mini dental implants(MDI). Titanium is considered the best metal to use in the vast majority of medical procedures, as it’s shown to work in tandem with the body/mouth throughout the healing process. Some people do find the prospect of having something foreign implanted into their jawbone an uncomfortable thought. Although with modern implant dentistry this procedure is now common place and incredibly simple.

The Permanent implant Surgery
The entire procedure is considered to be minimally invasive, and is carried out under a local anesthetic. Small holes are drilled into key locations within the mouth and then the mini dental implants are placed inside them. The jawbone holes don’t need to be the entire depth of the pin, as they will do the rest of the work. As the healing process begins, these pins become part of the wearer’s mouth, and then from there, the permanent dentures can be attached.


The Cost
As with all surgical procedures, the cost will vary widely dependent on your location. This is mainly due to the level of technology available to the local dentist. They have to be doing some volume in order for the savings to be passed on to you. So it can obviously have an impact on the price. The good news is mini dental implants and the permanent dentures themselves have decreased in price worldwide over the past few years. The permanent denture procedure is considered to be well worth the cost by many people.


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