Our Philosophy:

The vision of a real choice

SSI believes that no matter who you are or where you live you should have access to excellent health care without having to wait a year, mortgage your house or choose a mediocre doctor.

Many people are faced with having to make the choice between their health and their financial security. We don’t think this is a choice that needs to be made.

By traveling to receive your medical care you are able to have the most experienced doctors, the best hospitals, VIP treatment, personalized service and a vacation while still saving thousands of dollars.

Our Story:

How it all Started

When my family arrived in Isla de Margarita after years of traveling we were in desperate need of medical attention. My husband had been fighting a infection for over a year, my children were in need of serious dental work and I had lost my last pair of eyeglasses somewhere between St. Lucia and Grenada (I do this a lot).

Robert, my husband, found a wonderful internist who spoke perfect English. He immediately ordered twelve blood tests. Knowing that one blood test had cost us around $75.00 in the States we were sure we would have to take out a bank loan to pay for all of these!

To our complete shock all the tests were under $50 and they were ready that same day. Robert ended up having four doctor appointments, two sets of blood work, a month worth of antibiotics all for less than just an appointment with a specialist at home.

Now that Robert was on his way to feeling better it was time for the children. Our doctor recommended an English speaking dentist, who has become the only dentist my kids want to go to and they have been to a lot. He filled, fixed, sealed, pulled and capped everything they needed for under $1,000. In the States our dentist gave us quotes of up to $6,000 for the same work. Our children have what dentists call “weak enamel.” (note to parents: if your children have this run out and buy the best dental insurance you can lay your hands on or put us on your speed dial).

Now that my children had beautiful teeth I actually wanted to see them. So off I go to the eye doctor to replace yet another pair of glasses. I was determined to buy at least two pairs but when I discussed this with my doctor she recommended I would be a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery and when she told me the price was half the cost of what they charge in the US I booked my surgery for the next week. I now have 20/20 vision and never have to worry about losing my glasses ever again, to this day it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

After all this we became known as the doctor yellow pages and all the other boaters started asking us for referrals. All of a sudden on a Monday we had a person going in for an MRI, Tuesday another person was receiving arthroscopic surgery, Wednesday was Botox day, Thursday a boater met with a couple plastic surgeons. Well, you get the idea. Then they started telling their families back home about the prices and services and one thing led to another and here we are for good.

It feels great to be able to help so many people. Nothing makes us feel better than a person calling up and telling us they were quoted $10,000 for a surgery and we are able to book the airfare, hotel, top surgeon, transportation, recuperation in a hotel where they can relax and return them home having saved them four or five thousand dollars.

Tonya Peterson

Update 2013: After operating successfully for several years out of Margarita Island, SSI was in hiatus while the family relocated for various personal reasons. SSI still helped with referrals to doctors for people that asked, and we have met some wonderful people. One of them has turned out to be quite an asset to SSI and took it upon themselves to scout out a new home for SSI. We are happy to announce that SSI is now operating out of Costa Rica – the most popular Medical Tourism location in the world right now. As before, SSI is not looking to be your average run of the mill medical facilitator. We are blazing new trails here in Costa Rica. Working with the best we can find not just in the convenient capital of San Jose, Costa Rica, but on the coast in Liberia as well, so that we can put a true “vacation” back into a medical vacation trip. We are excited to help you save a fortune, get better care, and enjoy the country all in one trip.

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