Mini Dental Implants (MDI)


“Mini Dental Implants are bridging the gap between traditional dentures and full Titanium implants as a viable alternative to millions of denture users around the world”.

Mini dental implants are basically a small titanium implant that takes the place of the root of a tooth and an O-ring that is then fitted to the base of dentures. These mini implants have been designed as the foundation to modern dentures. Where dentures cause problems to the elderly should they move or slip. Mini dental implants have now solved that problem. With the fitting of these small titanium implants, dentures can be completely held in place, which can allow the wearer to eat difficult to chew food, and sometimes even chew gum. With the implants, the dentures will not slip around your mouth, so there is no need to worry in public either.


These tiny little pins really are something revolutionary in the field of dentistry.In some cases these mini dental implants have been used to fit an individual crown, along with removable partial dentures as well as full sets. Some patients elect to have them only for the lower dental set, as that is the most prone to shifting.
There are several reasons why a person should opt for this kind of denture implanted fitting that has been specifically set up with mini dental implants;

  • It allows the wearer to eat food they may not have been able to in the past.
  • It can alleviate mild discomfort that some people get from loose fitting dentures.
  • The denture cannot simply fall out; it can only be removed when you want.
  • The minis remove the worry of chewing through food with your dentures.
  • Improves bone retention in the jawbone.


The most common complaint when using poorly fitting dentures is as the loose dentures move around the persons mouth it can rub against the rest of the mouth causing sores. Even in cases where the patient themselves finds no noticeable problem with movement. They are still reluctant to open their mouth or smile during a social engagement as they find themselves embarrassed to show reveal they are, in fact, wearing dentures



The Mini Surgery 

Mini dental implants are considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, and as such they are virtually always carried out under local anesthetic. Once all initial bone work and scans are out of the way to make sure that the locations are exact, the procedure itself only requires a small 1mm hole to be drilled, which is often referred to as the pilot hole. This pilot hole does not need to be the entire length of the actual implant that is intended for this location, as these implants will then be able to be placed through the hole, and it will allow for the area around the implant to instantly graft to the titanium itself allowing for a quick healing process and making sure the implant will remain in place.


Maintenance and care for Mini Implants
Once these implants have been completed it is important that they are well maintained, and as such they need to be cleaned with a tooth brush or a water jet on a daily basis Care to avoid infection is very serious. Any discomfort in the implanted area should be followed up with an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.


Mini Dental Implant (MDI)Prices
The cost of mini dental implants vary greatly on not only the size of the implant themselves, the work being done, but also the number which the individual needs. The price can be effected by the complexity of the patient’s situation should there be any other issues to take in to account. This can often make it difficult to find the exact cost of the implants for a specific case without any form of consultation. As with any form of medical procedure, the cost for mini dental implants also vary depending on the location that you have the work done.


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