Inverted Nipples

Inverted Nipples and Breast Feeding:

From time to time, a woman with inverted nipples can temporarily see them normalize during pregnancy, occasionally this reversal can become permanent. Another factor that can lead to a natural correction is as a result of breastfeeding. Contrary to common thinking, the majority of females with inverted nipples have no sever restrictions or complications in breastfeeding.

First time mothers have reported extra tenderness on the initial attempts to nurse. Unfortunately, mothers with protracted nipples are more likely to give up breastfeeding for formula as a result. With a little patience, however, there is no valid reason to avoid natural feeding. When a mother uses the correct breastfeeding technique, the baby attaches to the entire Areola,(the darker circle surrounding the nipple) not directly onto the nipple. The Areola actually takes the bulk of suckling stress involved. In order to prepare the nipple for nursing, a commercial or high quality home grade breast pump or milk extractor can be used. This helps to pull the nipple into a better position. Nipple Shields gave been used to nurse with some success as well. Active and regular stimulation, including including stimulation, sexual activity and foreplay can help the nipple to draw out.

Inverted Nipple Repair Surgery and Breast Augmentation
Protracted Nipples, patient elected to get a breast augmentation and nipple repair surgery. Getting an augmentation will sometimes correct the nipple naturally by both a pushing action from under the muscle and a tightening of the surrounding muscles.

Protracted Nipple Facts
Although some people consider this a deformity approximately ten to twenty percent of all females are born with inverted nipples. The most natural variation in women’s nipples is caused by ducts that are two short to support their structure or an Areola muscle that is very wide.
This condition is also a commonly caused by very drastic and sudden changes in weight. Dramatic weight loss causes the nipple to become inverted due to changes in muscle to mass breast proportions

Nipple repair surgical procedure with breast lift and augmentation- before/after pictures

The Surgical Repair
The Repair of inverted nipples can be accomplished in multiple ways, all of the remedy’s are based on the degree of how far down the nipple sits into the Areola. Surgical Repair is an outpatient surgery, this means you will go home a few hours after your operation. It is extremely rare for a patient to be held overnight for this procedure.You should not drive yourself home, as the effects of your anesthesia can take several hours to completely leave your system. Its best to have a friend or a relative drive you home. Common side effects of Nipple repair are extreme sensitivity and swelling in the nipple area. This can last for as long as two weeks, but one weeks is normal. The surgeon will recommend bed rest for a period of time after this surgery, two days is typical With returning to work (depending on the work type you do) at about one week.Pain medication will be prescribed after the surgery to help you get through the pain and discomfort for the first few days.

The Risks of this procedure
Inverted nipple repair surgery, like all surgical procedures has risks. These include the excessive bleeding, infection, negative reaction to the anesthesia, being unhappy with the results and having to under go the procedure a second time.It is recommended that you consider that the ability to breast feed

Risks that are carried by this type of surgery include infection, unsatisfactory results, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and the need for second or sometimes third procedures. The ability to breast feed cannot be guaranteed after the surgery to correct inverted nipples. Some patients postpone this procedure till after childbirth for this reason.


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