Mommy Makeover

It,s Moms Turn!
The years of motherhood are incredible, rewarding and unfortunately, pretty hard on the mother’s body. Enter the body of cosmetic procedures commonly called, “the mommy makeover”. Women are saying that they want their pre- pregnancy figures back.

Let’s explore this recent trend in makeover plastic surgery that is injecting new hope into mothers across the world. Lots of women, some mothers, some not, are now undergoing combination surgeries to give them that much needed makeover and to help them escape the feeling of being “just a mother.”
Plastic Surgeons have recently made it public that mothers are now their largest target demographic. Full statistical details can be found here. These figures are not that surprising when you take into account that nearly all women will gain 30-80 pounds during their pregnancy. Most will not lose all of it.

When you couple the inevitable weight gain, with the stress put on the body by breast feeding. Add the late nights and long hours; it can mean that women have little time or energy to exercise, and as such it can leave them with a drooping chest and stretch marks. These are just a few of the reasons why the surgical options of a makeover have become so popular. The mommy makeover is seen as a cure for all that will ail the post-pregnancy figure.

The Future of the Mommy Makeover

Now women can experience the miracle of birth and raising a child, without the lifelong burden of constantly trying to chase their old figure, or former youth.
Some of the favorite mommy makeover procedures among those wanting to seize their figure back are;

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Buttock Lift
  • liposuction

Whether it’s for an augmentation or a breast lift, expect more mommy’s to be receiving these types of surgeries in the future. The popularity of all of these types of procedure has seen a dramatic increase over the past several years. The new mom makeover trend catching on, a contributing factor for the rise in the mommy types of operations is in part, due to people’s change in perspective towards the plastic surgery profession..gonfiabile gigante

Plastic surgery is no longer as daunting a prospect as it once was, the medical profession has improved drastically in recent years and these types of lifts, tucks, and augmentations have become common place for an increasing portion of the population.

There is no longer the promise of the pain and long recovery periods that would have been common only a decade ago. Improved medical equipment and training, coupled with recovery times shrinking rapidly as medical science improves, has led to lots more women wanting to receive the surgical transformation promised by the makeover surgeries. These shorter recovery times also mean that women will no longer find themselves recovering in a hospital bed for long weeks, a luxury which no mother can afford.

Aside from vanity, most moms find that this form of surgery really helps to improve both their home and work life. These women feel more attractive and confident thanks to their new, younger, sexier look, and because of these changes they have a far more positive outlook on their lives. Makeover are the perfect way to enhance your lifestyle and to bring some vitality back into your life.
These forms of makeovers are most definitely a trend which is set to continue for the foreseeable future. As the price and recovery time of plastic surgery decreases, the availability of procedures increases to allow more and more women the option to receive a makeover. You should expect to see far mommy makeover procedures and lots more refreshed and voluptuous mommy’s at your kid’s soccer games for year’s to come.


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