Titanium Dental Implants

Titanium (Ti) is an amazing metal able to be made into a dental prosthesis, or its more common name, a dental implant.
Titanium is not entirely what an implant is manufactured from, in order to be implanted into your mouth for dental surgery, it must be combined with other metals to be made more rigid, common metals like iron or aluminum.

Titanium (Ti) is used in dental surgery for the following dental situations

  • One(single) tooth replacement
  • Multiple teeth replacements
  • To fasten existing dentures
  • To fasten larger bridges more securely

Implant Surgery
Titanium dental implants are basically a small root that dentists use which helps support the restoration of teeth or groups of teeth, which are unsurprisingly, made from titanium. Almost all dental implants in use in the western world are made from titanium or a titanium alloy as both types of material tend to be accepted and tolerated very well by the surrounding bone structure it is implanted into.
The titanium dental implants tends to be in the shape of a screw or a cylinder. The implants themselves are placed into a socket which has been carefully drilled in the location of the intended new tooth. Depending on whether or not the dental implant is screw or cylinder shaped will depend on how it is surgically put into place, obviously either being screwed in or tapped into place. These implants will slowly over time become buttressed by additional bone growth in the jaw and eventually, when a replacement tooth(crown) is fitted on top look indistinguishable to any other teeth present. For the patient, after the process is completed the replacement tooth will feel and perform exactly the same as a natural tooth would.
Modern titanium dental implants are designed to be incredibly similar to the root of a regular tooth which then are placed in the bone of the jaw at the same spot that an original tooth usually would have been. When a dentist then places a replacement tooth on top of the implanted titanium it gives both the look and feel of a completely genuine tooth.
Periodontal implants are frequently used as they are the most viable way of replacing teeth that have been lost. People lose teeth all the time; the causes of losing teeth can range from some form of accident or trauma, where the tooth is forcibly knocked out or it can happen over time due to some form of disease, tooth or gum decay, or simply through old age. Replacing lost teeth is not just an issue of vanity though, people need to replace their teeth in order to be able to eat and properly chew through their food .Confidence comes into play as It’s important to have a nice smile to be well received.

The first process for titanium implant surgery to take place will be to first consult your dentist or implant surgeon who will be able to assess the health or both your teeth, bone density and gums. Any problems that may be present will need to receive treatment prior to any form of dental surgery taking place, as obviously there would be no point in placing a titanium dental implant or subsequent tooth attached to that artificial root, if the tooth itself was just going to fall out once again.
Once the implanting process begins, they are usually administered under local anesthesia or if many teeth have to be replaced, or it is possible that a longer procedure is needed a more general anesthesia will be used via IV sedation. Prior to anything being placed on the newly implanted roots patients will need to wait anywhere from 6 weeks up to 6 months for the bone to grow and anchor the titanium implant. If there is the need for a short term cosmetic solution during the bone growth period patients will receive temporary crowns or dentures.

The cost of these implants will vary quite a lot depending on where in the world you are having your dental surgery done or where you are looking at to receive the treatment. In a lot of cases medical insurance can cover the bill if the treatment itself is deemed to be medically important that the patient receives this treatment in contrast to purely cosmetic.

Titanium dental implants have changed the world of dentistry forever.


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