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Vaser Vs. Smart Lipo


Which Lipo Treatment Is Best?  Vaser Lipo vs Smart Lipo

When considering which form of lipo treatment is best, prospective patients will find themselves considering the debate between Vaser lipo vs Smart lipo.  There is no singular best form of Vaser treatment for every individual, as people have unique physical conditions, needs, and desires regarding their own bodies.  These two prominent body contouring treatments each have positive and negative aspects to them, and it is up to prospective patients to determine whether the costs and benefits of Vaser lipo outweigh those of Smart lipo or vice versa.  To assist those attempting to make this assessment, this article will briefly explain the procedures of Vaser lipo vs Smart lipo, and then it will discuss the similarities and differences that each technique has.


Vaser Lipo vs Smart Lipo: What is Vaser Lipo?


Vaser lipo, short for “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance liposuction”, is a Vaser technique for body contouring.  It utilizes ultrasound technology to break apart the fat cells left in the body’s fat deposits.  A doctor will make a three to four millimeter incision in the part of the body to be targeted, after which he injects “tumescent fluid”, a chemical saline solution into the incision.  This liquid numbs the area and shrinks the blood vessels.  Afterward, a Vaser probe is inserted, which vibrates quickly, emitting ultrasonic waves that shake the fat cells apart.  These are then emulsified in the tumescent fluid, and both fat cells and tumescent fluid are vacuumed out through the incision.  The body absorbs any residual fat, and the area is left without lumpiness or pockets.  The ultrasonic waves are able to break apart the fat cells while causing little to no harm to the surrounding body tissues and nerves.  Results are permanent because the fat has been taken out of the body, and patients can see the results increasing from immediately after the procedure to three to four months later.


Vaser Lipo vs Smart Lipo: What is Smart Lipo?


Smart lipo is also a technique for removing unwanted body fat.  This procedure involves laser technology to liquefy fat.  Similar to other forms of laser Vaser, a Smart lipo surgeon makes a small one to two millimeter incision in the area and inserts a laser fiber that melts the fat cells.  The resulting oily substance is removed from the body.  Because the fat is completely removed, results are long-lasting.


Vaser Lipo vs Smart: Similarities


The first thing to consider when comparing Vaser lipo vs Smart lipo is the similarities between them.  Once the similarities are understood, a lipo candidate can set those aside to weigh the benefits and costs of the differences.  Some of the similarities between Vaser lipo and Smart lipo are quite basic.  For example, both treatments are minimally invasive and involve making a small incision to remove fat completely from the body, leaving behind a small scar.  Both treatments also enhance collagen production, which firms and tightens skin.  Each procedure is typically a one-time treatment, not several, which means that the patient does not have to keep returning for treatment and deal with multiple recovery times.  In addition, both have a fairly quick recovery time from the procedure as compared to traditional Vaser.  Vaser lipo and Smart lipo each have a minimum financial cost of around three thousand dollars.  Both procedures cause minimal damage to the surrounding tissue and nerves when removing the fat content.  Lastly, for both techniques, results can be permanent as long as patients make good decisions regarding exercise and diet in the future.


Vaser vs. Smart Lipo: Differences


There are several distinct differences to know of in the Vaser lipo vs Smart lipo debate.  The first is the cost: although both start at around three thousand dollars, Smart lipo usually does not cost more than six thousand while Vaser lipo costs up to fifteen thousand.  However, this is due to another difference between them: Smart lipo is intended for those wanting to remove small amounts of fat from the body while Vaser lipo can be used to remove small or large volumes of fat.  The greater the amount of fat removed, the more expensive the procedure will cost.  Furthermore, Vaser lipo does not usually need anesthesia and requires only a few hours of recovery time while Smart lipo uses local anesthetic and requires a few days of recovery.  In addition, while both leave a only a small scar, the scar left by Smart lipo is usually smaller because the incision is smaller.  As stated above, determining whether or not Vaser lipo is better than Smart lipo will depend on the patient’s unique desires for fat removal.  Understanding the costs and benefits and similarities and differences of Vaser lipo vs Smart lipo allows an individual to make a confident decision in selecting lipo treatment.



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