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Liposuction on Ankles, Calves & Knees:


The knees, calves and ankles are highly visible and important to us aesthetically. Attractive legs are characterized by a gradual tapering from strong thighs to delicate ankles. The basic shape of this part of the leg is determined by the muscles and bone, making this an extremely difficult area to change.


However, using the latest liposuction/Liposculture techniques doctors can sculpt your ankles knees and calves to achieve a more desired look. A small incision is made in the skin just large enough to accommodate a small hollow tube called a cannula. The cannula suctions the fat from selected areas of the body to create the desired contour. Removal of fat in ankles calves and knees requires tiny incisions on each side of the Achilles tendon and knee.


The procedure can be performed as outpatient under general anesthesia. After the surgery, patients are fitted with medical compression stockings and must wear these for two weeks. You can expect to go back to work in 5-7 days


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