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Liposuction: SmartLipo

Cost from $ 1,450 one area

Cost with Financing $ 51 per month


SmartLipo Techniques

Body contouring techniques and lipo-sculpture keep advancing because more men and women yearn to be good-looking and want to feel better. This makes liposuction surgery the most common cosmetic surgical practice used nowadays. SmartLipo is the only laser-aided lipolysis technique to utilize a ground-breaking and modestly invasive method for the elimination of fat. Using a high-capacity laser, SmartLipo is the first and newest laser body sculpting method with more reliability and fewer adverse effects than conventional liposuction.


The SmartLipo cosmetic procedure was developed in Europe by Cynosure, and in 2006 it was approved by the FDA. Since then, it has become a very successful liposuction treatment for the removal of unwanted fat. A fine tube, called a cannula, is inserted into a micro incision. A small laser is housed at the tip of the cannula, and the laser melts the fat cells. The liquefied fat is then drained out of the body. The laser used is a 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser with a wattage that ranges between 6w and 18w. The higher the wattage, the faster the procedure. Bleeding and swelling is avoided because the laser coagulates blood vessels as it melts fat cells. Advanced Plastic surgeons have switched to this form of

lipo world wide.



Plastic Surgeons seeking the forefront of cosmetic procedures, Utalizing an advanced and effective way to progress the safety and outcome of countless surgical methods, then this technology using lasers is certainly the system you'll find in their operating theaters.


Customarily employed in dental processes, lasik eye surgery, restoration work and cosmetic methods (liposuction surgery included), laser technology puts SmartLipo ahead of all other body-sculpting techniques. The word “laser” is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. The present medical-grade lasers function by generating a high intensity beam of light that is tuned to a certain frequency range.


SmartLipo is special because it employs a delicately regulated laser to dissolve fat build-up through the top stratum of the skin of the client. The laser essentially breaks down fatty cells, and the ensuing oily, liquid matter is then eliminated through a minute cut in the skin by the cosmetic surgeon. The tiny laser can also close up blood vessels as it breaks down fat, so there is minimal blood loss, plus less swelling and bruising than with the usual liposuction. Only a little amount of fat is taken back into the body according to some research.


The negligible invasiveness of the surgical method permits patients to notice results quicker and feel much less pain. Another point, SmartLipo's clients require a local anesthetic for the process, while traditional liposuction surgery necessitates general anesthesia. Since the patient is not entirely unconscious, the process of SmartLipo is less risky than conventional liposuction, and the recuperation time is quicker. SmartLipo surgery is extremely safe and effective.



A tiny cannula, or tubing, just about 1.0 mm(one) to 2.0mm(two) in diameter holding a SmartLipo laser fiber is put into the skin where the fatty tissue is. The small tube or cannula is moved around dispensing the laser's power to the fatty cells, triggering them to break down and effortlessly drain away. Such laser power also works with the dermis together ensuing in collagen dimunition.


Because of the cannula's miniature size, this procedure is a very invasive method, and can be carried out under local anesthesia. The beam in the laser influences the blood vessels to clot immediately, resulting in minor bruising, with slightest swelling and reduced bleeding – achieving faster healing time than the usual liposuction. The process is safer by way of minimal side effects given that general anesthesia is needless.


Just about anyone is a potential plastic surgery candidate for the SmartLipo technique. The best candidate:

  • SmartLipo candidates should be in excellent health, exercises regularly, is within 25 lbs. approximately, of his or her idyllic body weight.
  • SmartLipo candidates has one or more specific areas or sections in the body that has fat deposits, which have not responded to diet and exercise.
  • SmartLipo candidates are having trouble getting rid of these fatty sections, and wants to get rid of them forever .

Your plastic surgeon will assess the benefits and probability of SmartLipo with you for the duration of your consultation appointment. He will review whether the procedure is right for you after reviewing your medical situation, and will also shed light on how SmartLipo body-contouring could benefit you.




Minimal downtime.Surgeons recommended that the patient should take a beauty rest for a day or two of after the lipo procedure yet some patients do go back to their work right away.


Minimal discomfort.It is a virtually painless procedure. Subsequent aches or pain is just like having done an energetic workout after the anesthesia has no more effect. This is in contrast to the conventional liposuction where it feels as if you’ve been hit by a truck. There are fewer bruises too with SmartLipo procedure.


Less traumatic.The SmartLipo fiber-optic cannula is introduced through a insignificant prick in the skin generally along folds that hides the blemish or scar. The lipo laser then dissolves the fats as it clots the free ends of tiny blood vessels. Firming garments are discretionary as the lasered area will not really bleed that much once the laser is detached. The granulation (healing) tissue completes the rest of the job in constricting the treated part as well as the covering skin.


Post-Operative Care. The skin goes back to its usual form as if nothing has been done after 3 months. Insertion points disappear completely. Skin tighten with the granulation tissues that substitute the dissolved fats.


Surgery Safety and Complications. SmartLipo is reliable and safer than conventional liposuction, since there is minimal bleeding and uses anesthetic drugs at a minimum. In reality, with the use of this efficient technique, a number of post surgical risks usually related with general anesthesia are eliminated.


Short Recovery Period. SmartLipo clients are usually back to their job within 1–2 days after the process. Bandages are taken off 1–2 weeks after the procedure.


Diet & Exercise has not gotten you anywhere? You may have exerted so much effort to eat reasonably and exercise regularly. However, you still can't get rid of those unwanted fat deposits you despise. Adipose tissue, also known as human fat, can hardly be removed through work out and cutting down on food alone. SmartLipo can be a reasonably straightforward key to eliminate tenacious fat permanently.


SmartLipo Liposuction is FDA approved.

The SmartLipo apparatus was authorized for public use in November of 2006. Fast forward to today, its status is a safe and reliable system of body-contouring in the field of cosmetic surgery fat removal.


No Loose Skin. Countless clients of conventional liposuction observe that their skin becomes to lose and sags after the removal of fat deposits. This trend often concludes in unsightly body rolls. These patients regularly call for skin lifts that may result in blemishes, and scarring. This alone portrays the preliminary liposuction management ineffectual. However, by pulling the contiguous skin in, SmartLipo laser technique can rebuild the layers instantaneously beneath the client’s skin, absolutely eradicating skin drooping.


Affordability. You may desire something more affordable than conventional liposuction. The price tag of the SmartLipo system varies on how many sections are being dealt with, but your neck alone begins at $1,900. The regular conventional liposuction process on an abdomen charges about $6,400. The typical SmartLipo abdomen process has a tag price of $4,900. This variation in pricing speak for a 30% more or less savings.


Permanent Results.  Once the fat is eliminated from a specific part of the body, it will not come back. If ever you add on any fat, it will accumulate somewhere else than the treated sections of your body.


To be a candidate for SmartLipo, you must have sensible expectations regarding the procedure's fat removal capacity. And despite the fact that SmartLipo can restore your look and self-assurance, it won't automatically adjust your mental model, nor will it make other people to act in a different way toward you. Prior to your decision to get the SmartLipo procedure, think about your anticipated results and confer them with the doctor at some point during your consultation appointment. SmartLipo is an inexpensive and enduring option, but you have to have realistic expectations going into the operating room.

FAQ's About SmartLipo
Who is a candidate for this procedure?
If you have sections of fat tissue that won’t react to healthy eating and regular exercise, then you are a good candidate for SmartLipo. The best candidates are in excellent health, have an ideal weight for the procedure and have practical outlook for the outcome.

What areas of the body can SmartLipo treat?
SmartLipo can be the best alternative to conventional liposuction processes and it is outstanding for correcting sections of loose and flabby skin, breasts, and facial fats, neck fat, arm fat, and back fat.

How many treatments will I need?
This is a time saver. For most patients, usually a single treatment is enough. The duration of procedure would be within the period of forty-five minutes to an hour for each specific section being treated, but it also depends on the number of areas you want treated.


What happens after the treatment?
Negligible pain or bruising will be experienced after the procedure. It is suggested to rest for 1 to 2 days, although generally patients are capable of getting back to work instantly.


Can SmartLipo treat my cellulite?
The system may treat cellulite to a particular level, it will also develop the body's contour, and will eliminate flabby skin.


When should I see slimmer results?
Body slimming results are visible immediately after the laser lipo procedure, and will continue to improve in the following months.


Does laser-assisted liposuction produce lasting results?
Laser-assisted liposuction does generate permanent outcome. Adults do not generate fresh fat cells. Fat cells enlarge once someone put on weight. The SmartLipo system permanently eliminates the fat cells. When you put on weight, nearly all of the fats will build-up in sections untouched by Smartlipo.






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