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Lipo EX


Body Sculpting: Lipo-Ex

There are many different techniques and processes for body sculpting and contouring.  One of these is a method called Lipo-Ex, which is a non-invasive type of lipoplasty that involves melting the fat in fat cells so that the body can naturally rid itself of the unwanted body fat.  Lipo-Ex is unique in that it targets the harmful and dangerous visceral fat that lines the organs of the body and is difficult to eradicate through other means.  Through this procedure, a patient can lose body fat without the pain of surgery and recovery present with liposuction.  The following text will explain how lipo-ex works, post-treatment and results, and the benefits of receiving this treatment.


How it Works


This non-surgical process uses mono-polar or bi-polar radio frequency to increase the temperature of the body to between 40 and 44 degrees Celsius.  Using one positively charged electrode and one negatively charged electrode, the practitioner focuses the charges over the skin where the fat is, heating and dissolving the fat tissue from the fat cells in a painless, harmless way.  Other organs and tissues of the body are not negatively affected by the treatment process; only the fat cells break apart so that the patient’s body can naturally and painlessly get rid of the liquefied unwanted body fat through the lymphatic system.  Through this process the patient experiences no discomfort or pain and is not left with the lumpy scar tissue that is often left from invasive surgical procedures like liposuction.  can even be used to correct lumpiness left by liposuction treatment, surgery, and cellulite, smoothing over the uneven areas of the body.


What it Treats and How Treatment Works


Lipo-Ex can be used to remove fat deposits and shape multiple parts of the body.  These include the face and neck, arms, stomach, buttocks, thighs, stretch marks, “saddle bags”, “love handles”, “bra bulges”, and more.  It also tightens skin and increases collagen production, which minimizes wrinkles and firms up the skin.  Treatments can last anywhere between thirty minutes and two hours depending on what part of the body is being targeted, and the average patient will need between eight and ten treatments spaced about one week apart in order to expect the desired results.  The painless heating process through which the treatment apparatus melts fat feels like a hot stone massage, and many patients feel comfortable enough to fall asleep while receiving treatment.  These relaxing treatments typically are held in a medical spa.


Post-Treatment and Results


How much fat is actually lost through Lipo-Ex may vary depending on the patient’s level of activity, caloric intake, and metabolism.  Diet and exercise are crucial for maintaining the results from these treatments; in order to maximize the fat reduction, patients are strongly encouraged to exercise soon after treatment to increase their metabolic rates so that their bodies’ natural processes are able to expel the fat.  Drinking water afterward also helps to increase the body’s capacity to excrete the fatty acids liquefied in this process.  Patients who neglect proper diet and exercise after receiving this treatment will not see as great results as they desire.  Previous studies reveal that there is no expected recovery time after receiving this innovative body contouring treatment.  Recovery and results are both immediate.  Unlike surgical liposuction, Lipo-Ex does not have negative side-effects or risks.  The procedure does not leave scarring or incisions, and there is no swelling or bruising in the affected area after the treatment process.


The Benefits

As previously stated, Lipo-Ex is preferred by many patients because it is a non-invasive process at a medical spa that requires no recovery time.  The fact that it also eliminates the visceral fat that other procedures cannot reach while leaving no scar tissue is another reason why it is a valued procedure for body contouring and fat reduction.  In addition, this treatment is lower on price lists and can be only half as expensive as liposuction.  For these and many other reasons, Lipo-ex is a popular technique of ridding oneself of unwanted body fat and shaping the body as one desires. 


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