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I Lipo


What Can I-Lipo Do For Me?


One of the newest current technologies available in body contouring and laser lipolysis is i-lipo, short for “intelligent lipo”.  Unlike traditional liposuction which entails surgery, requires recovery time, and only works on certain parts of the body, this form of intelligent lipo laser treatment does non-surgical body contouring on the neck, arms, and other areas that surgical liposuction cannot treat.  Using low level laser energy, it breaks down the fat in the body’s adipose cells into fatty acids and glycerol which the body naturally uses to create energy.  Thus, the process shrinks fat cells and enhances and enables a natural reaction to occur within the body, eliminating unwanted body fat without damaging the surrounding tissue or body structures.  Exercise immediately following the non-invasive treatment ensures that the metabolism utilizes the fatty acids to synthesize energy.  This article will explain in greater detail how i-lipo works, treatment, results, eligibility for treatment, and cost of the lipolysis procedure.


How It Works


As previously stated, i-lipo uses a laser to trigger the release of fatty acids which the body can use to create energy.  These fatty acids are stored in fat deposits and not released until the brain determines that they are needed for energy.  As often happens, the brain sometimes does not focus on retrieving energy-synthesizing fatty acids from certain parts of the body, which stubborn body areas subsequently do not lose weight no matter how much the individual exercises.  Therefore, this intelligent lipolysis process uses low-level lasers to activate the body’s natural energy creating and fat burning process.  This means that the body loses weight in a natural way, not by surgically removing fat but by i-lipo converting it to necessary energy.  The technology for this non-invasive laser treatment that shapes and contours the body to the patients’ desired shape through a series of treatments is FDA approved.  Additionally, the process increases collagen production, which firms skin tone.  I-lipo can focus on areas that surgical liposuction cannot, such as the face, neck, arms, and knees, and targets also the thighs, calves, abdomen, hips, and back.  It can be used on all skin types and body areas.


I-Lipo Treatment and Results


Each i-lipo treatment session is typically between ten and thirty minutes, followed by approximately thirty minutes of exercise to maximize fat burning.  As the treatment is applied externally, patients are able to stay active while being treated and do not have to struggle with long periods of necessary downtime due to pain, swelling, and bruising common to those recovering from surgical liposuction.  Due to the non-invasive and safe nature of the treatment, there is no limitation as to the number of treatments an individual can have.  For maximum results, patients should have each area of focus treated up to eight times.  Generally speaking, these treatments are done twice per week and are very comfortable, with the patient feeling slight warmth in the targeted area.  After the laser treatment, the patient immediately exercises.  The body uses the newly created energy for fuel while exercising, which means that right away it burns off the energy generated from the fatty acids.  While the body is able to burn off this fat through exercise, it is not recommended that patients target multiple areas during a treatment session because they may release too many fatty acids for the body to process in one session of exercise.  Focusing on one area for each treatment is more effective in allowing the exercise process to rid the body of unwanted fat.  Patients who increase exercise and improve eating habits will be able to sustain the weight loss provided by i-lipo treatment.  Because the body burns off the fat and energy without delay, results are immediately visible after every treatment.  Indeed, patients can lose twenty to thirty percent of their fat in the targeted area and one to three inches after only one session.  The quick results make this a popular treatment for those looking to lose weight long-term or those seeking to shave off a few inches before vacations, weddings, or other special occasions. 


Eligibility and Cost


Both men and women can receive i-lipo treatment.  Some individuals with certain health conditions are not eligible for treatment; these can be determined and discussed with a personal physician.  Those most suitable for treatment are those with mild to moderate amounts of excess fat.  The cost for the procedure varies depending on the area of the body being treated, but it is much more affordable than surgical liposuction.  Most facilities offer individual or package pricing for treatment sessions.  Due to its excellent, immediately visible results and affordable cost, is a popular treatment for body contouring and may be appropriate for you.




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