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Tummy Tuck Recovery: Post Opp

Cost from $ 2,400

Cost with Financing $ 85 per month


Recovering from Tummy Tuck Surgery

Details about tummy tuck recovery are a definite concern for those individuals who seek to receive tummy tuck surgery.  All surgeries require some form of adjustment for recovery, and tummy tuck surgery is no different.  Anxious patients should prepare themselves by reading and learning as much information as possible about the necessary steps they will need to take to prepare themselves to handle recovery.  Knowing what to expect after receiving a tummy tuck helps prospective patients feel prepared to handle the difficulties that may arise.  This article will briefly go over the nature of the tummy tuck surgery and then will explain in detail about tummy tuck recovery, including potential risks that may arise after the surgical procedure.


What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, involves the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdominal area as well as the tightening of the stomach muscles to leave the patient with a smoother, flatter stomach.  Due to a number of causes such as weight fluctuation, weight loss, aging, genetics, and pregnancy, the skin and fat in the abdomen can often begin to fall down, creating an unattractive bulge or sagging appearance.  For many individuals, multiple failed attempts to rid themselves of this extra skin and fat through exercise and dieting leads them to pursue cosmetic procedures to eliminate the unwanted skin and fat.  Particularly in our American society where appearances are highly valued, people are likely to go to plastic surgeons to improve their appearances.  In the tummy tuck surgery, cosmetic surgeons create an incision in the lower abdomen and cut away the excess skin and fat after tightening the stomach muscles so that the end result is a smooth stomach without any bulging or hanging.  After taking the proper time for tummy tuck recovery, the patient can enjoy the benefits of having a flat stomach brought about by their tummy tuck surgery.


What is Necessary for Proper Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy tuck recovery generally takes several weeks.  As much as one month off of work may be necessary for proper recovery, though this varies from individual to individual.  If the individual’s occupation requires non-strenuous work, he or she may be able to return after one to three weeks.  Surgeons may discourage engagement in sexual activity for at least two weeks and mild exercise for three to four weeks.  Strenuous activity and exercise is not recommended following the surgery; surgeons typically admonish the patient to limit such activities for at least six weeks to allow sufficient time for tummy tuck recovery.  Immediately following surgery, the operation site will be stitched and bandaged, requiring careful time and attention as directed by the doctor to prevent infection or other complications.  A compression garment is usually wrapped closely around the abdominal area to reduce swelling and help the skin conform to the new shape of the abdomen.  Some surgeons insert plastic drainage tubes into the area to drain excess fluids.  Unless dissolvable sutures were used, the patient will return to have the stitches removed one to two weeks later.  Post-surgery does involve pain and swelling, but the doctor will prescribe pain medications and offer suggestions on how to cope with the discomfort and pain.  Depending on the individual, soreness may last for several weeks or months.  Most patients are unable to stand completely upright for a week after a tummy tuck.  Avoiding standing for long periods soon after the surgery will help the body heal as it should, though short walks are recommended to increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots as the body heals.  There may also be a degree of bruising, numbness, and tiredness during.  Along with tiredness, many people’s stomach muscles feel weak for a while as they are healing.  The patient who has prepared beforehand will have comfortable, loose clothing set aside for after the surgery, as well as ice packs to reduce swelling and a hand-held shower head and chair for bathing afterwards. 


Risks, Complications, and Scarring After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Some risks that may arise during recovery include infection, bleeding, and blood clots.  These risks are greater for individuals with circulatory problems, diabetes, or heart, lung, or liver disease.  If the patient is a smoker, the surgeon will recommend quitting smoking entirely for at least two weeks and preferably a month or longer before and after the surgery.  Continuing to smoke will greatly slow tummy tuck recovery and may cause complications with the healing process.  In the event that the patient does not heal well from the tummy tuck procedure, an additional surgery may be necessary.  Scars are left by tummy tuck surgery, but they usually fade after nine months to a year to a silvery color and flatten like the rest of the skin.  Cosmetic surgeons will often suggest ways of minimizing scarring after healing through the use of creams or ointments.

Having a Full Tummy Tuck Recovery

In spite of the risks and potential complications, a full recovery from tummy tuck surgery is possible.  Following the recommended steps for tummy tuck recovery and remaining patient during the time required for the body’s natural healing process to work will help the cosmetic surgery patient sustain a complete recovery from the surgery in the course of about three to six months


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