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Tummy Tuck and C Section Surgery

Cost from $ 2,400

Cost with Financing $ 85 per month

   Getting a Tummy Tuck after a C Section

Many women consider getting a tummy tuck after c section birth.  Pregnancy is one of multiple reasons (like weight fluctuation, aging, and genetics) that skin and fat sometimes accumulate and sag in the abdominal area.  In our American society women are bombarded with reasons to maintain their slim figures, but after giving birth it is often difficult to rid the body of the sagging stomach “pooch” no matter how hard the determined individual tries with dieting and exercise.  Thus, women often consider cosmetic surgery to help fix their body’s problem areas and shape them as they desire.  With how frequent c section births are in our day it is understandable that women would wonder if it is even possible to get a tummy tuck after c section delivery.  Not only is it possible, but many doctors fully support these women in their desires to receive a tummy tuck.  After briefly outlining what a tummy tuck surgery entails, this article will explain timing for the two procedures and the benefits associated with getting a tummy tuck after c section.

What Does a Tummy Tuck Do?

Tummy tuck surgery, which is more formally referred to as abdominoplasty, is a procedure in which the tummy is “tucked” down.  A surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdomen area by the pubic hair line, stretching horizontally from hip to hip.  After making the incision the surgeon uses sutures to tighten the stomach muscles, and then removes the excess skin and fat.  Finally, the navel is repositioned and the incision closed.  The final result of a tummy tuck is a flat, smooth stomach.  This result is perfect for women who desire a tummy tuck after c section because it can take their abdomen back to how it was before it was altered by pregnancy. 

Can I Get a Tummy Tuck Immediately after a C Section?

Due to the difficulties of labor and giving birth, some women ask if it is possible to save time and cost by having an immediate tummy tuck after c section so that the two surgeries are combined.  Plastic surgery specialists strongly discourage this idea.  A tummy tuck is recommended for individuals who are already at or near their ideal body weight but are unable to flatten their stomachs.  For this reason, women who have just had a c section are not good candidates because most women gain a fair amount of weight during pregnancy.  It is best if the woman who desires a tummy tuck after c section waits at least six months after the c section before having the tummy tuck.  This will allow sufficient time for her body to heal from the first procedure and lose the weight from pregnancy so that it is prepared for a tummy tuck.  Furthermore, doctors recommend that the mother wait until she is done breastfeeding her newborn child before having a tummy tuck.  Breastfeeding mothers have to deal with weight fluctuation and an increase in hormone levels.  Indeed, with the difficulties associated with tummy tuck recovery, nursing mothers are not recommended for tummy tuck surgery because they will not be able to sufficiently take care of their babies due to hormonal imbalances, pain, and fatigue.  It is important for the mother to consider her own health and the health of her young child before determining whether or not it is the appropriate time for cosmetic surgery. 

Scars from a Tummy Tuck after C Section

Women who receive a tummy tuck after c section are often pleased to discover that the procedures will not leave them with two major scars.  Typically, a tummy tuck will remove the skin containing the c section scar, leaving only the scar from the tummy tuck surgery.  The tummy tuck involves realigning and tightening the muscles, which have been moved around due to pregnancy and c section; this helps not only with the shape of the stomach but with strength and posture.  Essentially, the benefits provided by tummy tuck surgery remedy those changes pregnancy has wrought upon the body.  For this reason, many doctors support women who wish to receive a tummy tuck after c section.  Once sufficient time has passed since giving birth, the woman who desires a tummy tuck should meet with certified plastic surgeons to discuss her situation and ascertain whether and when she should undergo the procedure.



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