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Tummy Tuck and

Breast Augmentation

Cost from $4,600-$10,350 per combined plastic surgery

Cost with Financing $129- $340 per month

plastic surgery packages


What are some of the benefits of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation combination surgery?

When two plastic surgery procedures are done simultaneously there are reduced costs to the patient in several ways. First, the surgeon has reduced costs associated with the surgical room and anesthesia so be sure to ask your surgeon to pass these savings on to you. Most surgeons DO offer package pricing when you receive two or more procedures. Second is the cost in medications and pre operative examinations. One surgery means having to purchase these items only once! Most importantly you also save time and the cost of not working. Recovery times vary but typically you will need to schedule a minimum of two weeks off from work and your normal household duties. Are these procedures right for me?


A breast augmentation and tummy tuck is commonly put together by plastic surgeons in a package price.For many women, these are the perfect two procedures needed to get back into that bikini again!



This technique is used in the following situations.

  • There is excess skin in the abdominal area.
  • Muscle repair is needed to abdomen.
  • Small/medium breasts that have the correct nipple location.
  • Excessive stretch marks on the stomach.
  • Patient has drooping breasts.
  • Patient must be in good health as any collection of surgeries is harder on the body that a single procedure.

Helpful hints for getting the best results.
Be in the best health possible before your surgery.
Do not participate in any extreme diets, which could decrease your iron count and make your immune system weak.
Exercise three times a week or as recommended by your doctor.

Eat a well balanced diet, take vitamins and mineral supplements, increase your vitamin C intake if possible.
Prepare your skin by drinking lots of water and lathering it in lotions. There are some lotions that help prevent stretch marks.
Ask your surgeon about supplements such as Arnica Montana or bromelin.

Quit Smoking at least one month before your surgeon and plan on not smoking for two months or more after. Smoking exponentially increases your risk of complications, slows the healing process and affects the final results.







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Breast augmentation and tummy tucks combined are often grouped into a series of plastic surgery combinations called "Mommy makeovers".
















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Tummy tuck/breast augmentation


What will the recovery be like? I can only take two weeks off and want to get a combo plastic surgery.

Patty D. in Chicago IL


Tummy tuck/breast augmentation

Chicago IL

Typically, the recovery is slightly slower than just one procedure. The first day you will be able to walk with a slight bend at the waist. By the end of the first week you will be ready to start venturing outside to get some fresh air and even a bit of light shopping. You will find you will tire easily and will take a nice long afternoon nap.



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Boob Job and Tummy Tuck plastic surgery combo

San Antonio / Dallas TX

How painful is it to have multiple surgries like boob job and a mini tummy tuck? Are multiple procedures a lot more painful?

Drew K. San Antonio / Dallas TX.



Boob job and tummy tuck San Antonio / Dallas, TX.

Each patient it is different depending on your pain tolerance level. The breast augmentation if done under the muscle is typically the most painful whereas the tummy tuck tends to produce sharp intermittent pain around the incision and any areas of muscle repair. Most patients are surprised at how little pain they experienced!



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breast aug and tummy tuck l low cost/cheap-
Inexpensive packages
New York 25-2-11

I really need a mommy makeover. You have some great prices listed, but is that all inclusive? E.g., everything or are there hidden costs like the implants.I am looking at getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and am looking for the lowest cost/cheap cheap! I have a baby-wrecked body!

Debby in New York, NY


Breast aug and tummy tuck l low cost/cheap-
Inexpensive packages
New York, NY. 25-2-11

Debby, after having kids I needed this combo as well, and yes the prices are all inclusive costs. The only exception is if you need special medications or a special implant. That would cost a small amount more, maybe a few hundred dollars.



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