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The Stem Cell Facelift

Cost from $ 2,100

Cost with Financing $ 84 per month

Using Stem Cells to Improve Your Appearance: A Stem Cell Facelift

Of the various types of facelifts, the stem cell facelift is a newer variation.  Rather than having a surgeon make incisions or a technician inject Botox into the face, a patient can have the doctor use the patient’s own stem cells to enhance the appearance of the face.  Some people earnestly desire a facelift but do not want to have surgery due to problems with anesthesia, concerns about the “stretched skin” appearance they observe in images of other people who have had facelift surgery, fears of nerve damage or other complications after surgery, or other reasons.  They may seek out various forms of non-invasive facelift techniques but find they don’t love the idea of having synthesized materials like liquids or implants put permanently in their faces.  Whatever the reason for hesitating on other forms of facelifts, patients should consider the stem cell facelift as one of their options.  This article will explain how this procedure works and how it may be better for some individuals than a traditional facelift.



What is a Stem Cell Facelift?

Stem cell procedures are a relatively new science, and they have faced a lot of controversy.  In particular, many people are concerned about technologies that use embryonic stem cells.  However, for the stem cell facelift, no embryonic stem cells are used.  In this technique, the doctor uses a small syringe to remove fat (liposuction) from one area of the patient’s body, such as the abdominal area or upper thigh, and after preparing it, injects it into the area of focus on the same patient’s body.  In other words, the procedure involves fat grafting or fat transfer techniques not from patient to patient but from one part of the patient’s body to another part of the same patient’s body.  Fat is an excellent source for finding adult stem cells, which is why fat deposits are the source of stem cells used in the stem cell facelift.  The adult stem cells from the fat can be used to add volume to the cheeks, lips, chin, other parts of the face, or even other parts of the body as desired.  They also fill in and smooth out depressions and wrinkles such as smile lines and brow lines.  The technical procedure is conducted with local anesthetic applied to the treatment area and lasts less than one hour.  As the stem cells are being injected, the patient may feel some discomfort or stinging, and there can be swelling or bruising after the procedure is through.  These are all temporary.  For most patients, only one singular stem cell facelift treatment session is necessary, and results last far longer than many other forms of treatment such as the liquid facelift.  The financial price is usually in the range of three thousand to five thousand dollars and is therefore usually more affordable than the traditional facelift. 

Why Use Stem Cells?

Some may ask, why do people use stem cells for a facelift?  There are several answers to this question.  First, as the technology utilizes the individual’s own stem cells, these cells fit with the natural contours of the face more naturally than do many synthesized fillers and implants.  Secondly, using fat grafting techniques for procedures such as a stem cell facelift stimulates the original facial tissues of skin and fat to generate more of their own cells, increasing the rate at which the cells are regenerated.  This cell rejuvenation makes the face appear younger and helps the skin to look smoother.  Another benefit of using stem cell technology is because there is no risk of a negative reaction by the body to the injected materials.  Some individuals find that their body is trying to reject the synthesized materials placed within it, perhaps due to an allergic reaction.  The body does not do this with its own adult stem cells.


Stem Cell Facelift vs Other Facelift Procedures

There are a number of benefits to choosing a stem cell facelift over other facelift treatment techniques.  In particular is the fact that the patient’s own cells are used to improve the appearance of the face, rather than other fillers.  In addition, it is not a surgical procedure, which greatly reduces the risk of nerve damage or scarring.  The recovery time is shorter than many other facelift procedures, and the results tend to last longer.  Though it is a new procedure, it has many advantages over other forms of cosmetic treatments.  Patients who have studied this technique in comparison to the other facelift techniques may find the stem cell facelift to be the appropriate facelift procedure for them.




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