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What Does Smart Lipo Cost?


The Risks, Benefits and Cost for Smart Lipo

As with all different kinds of lipo treatment, there is plenty of information available about smart lipo cost and benefits.  It is important to consider the unique costs and benefits offered by smart lipo and each other lipo option before deciding on the appropriate treatment to apply for.  By studying these differences, hopeful individuals can feel confident that they have adequately prepared and know before agreeing to any procedure that it is the right one for them.  Smart lipo is a lipolysis procedure that some people undergo in order to sculpt their bodies and eliminate body fat.  In this article, the nature of smart lipo will be explained, as well as smart lipo cost in pricing and in procedure and recovery.  Prospective patients can use this information to compare smart lipo to other forms of liposuction as they select their treatment of choice.


What is Smart Lipo?


Like other forms of lipo treatment such as laser lipo, i-lipo, lipo-ex, vaser lipo, and liposuction, smart lipo is a method for removing unwanted body fat.  It utilizes a laser fiber inserted into the patient’s skin to liquefy fat deposits.  In so doing, the fat cells are broken apart, and the surgeon can make a small incision (one to two millimeters) to remove the oily substance left behind by the split fat cells.  Thus, the fat is completely removed from the body.  The procedure also enhances collagen production, which helps to firm the skin.  Smart lipo treatment takes about thirty to forty five minutes, depending on the area of the body being treated.  Results can last throughout life if the individual continues to make good healthy choices by exercising and eating healthy foods.


Smart Lipo: Financial


Smart Lipo is often a one-time treatment, which means it usually does not require multiple payments for separate treatments.  It is more expensive than some forms of lipolysis such as i-lipo and lipo-ex, but it is typically less expensive than liposuction.  Smart lipo cost is generally in the range of several thousand dollars, with an average of 4,500 dollars.  Minimum and maximum national averages for smart lipo cost are 3,000 and 6,000 dollars, respectively.


Smart Lipo: Physical


Smart lipo does require an incision which may harm the underlying tissue.  However, because this procedure uses a laser fiber, it can seal broken blood vessels while melting fat cells, which means that smart lipo causes less swelling, bleeding, and bruising than does traditional liposuction.  The result is minimal bleeding and damage to the surrounding tissues.  In addition, the small incision does not require stitches like the incisions left by liposuction, which means that the patient can leave the clinic with only bandages covering the incision.  While not completely non-invasive, this may be an appropriate procedure for individuals concerned about the costs of surgical liposuction but who are skeptical of the non-invasive methods or who have experienced no success with non-invasive lipolysis methods. 


Smart Lipo Cost: Recovery


There are a number of other costs and benefits to consider about smart lipo.  First, it uses local anesthetic only, not general anesthesia, which makes the procedure less of a risk and requires a shorter recovery time.  Indeed, while some recovery down time is necessary, patients can return to normal life within a few days of surgery rather than after a week or more after receiving traditional surgical liposuction.  This is a more significant cost than that of lipo-ex or i-lipo, but is much less time-consuming and painful than surgical liposuction.  Another benefit that smart lipo has to offer is less scarring, because the technology is more precise and controlled, which helps the patient feel better about using smart lipo as opposed to other laser treatment methods to shave off unwanted body fat.  It is not an ideal procedure for those seeking to significantly reduce weight, but rather for those wishing to remove fat from small, targeted areas.  If this is your purpose and the smart lipo cost is an affordable price for you, this may be the most appropriate form of lipo treatment for you.



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