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Plastic Surgery of the Breast


Plastic Surgery and Your Breasts, Just the facts

Plastic surgery of the breast has been an increasingly popular procedure in recent decades.  With a history dating back at least fifty years and with multiple kind of surgeries now available, plastic surgery of the breast is commonly sought after.  Here we will give you a brief history of plastic surgery of the breast, the controversy associated with it, types of plastic surgery of the breast, and reasons women receive it.   

History of Plastic Surgery of the Breast

Breast surgery has been performed for a great many years.  Early forms of breast implants were recorded as being used even before the twentieth century through the use of injecting wax, glass, ivory, wool, and even sponges into the breast for added volume.  Some began using fat transfer, which is still done today but which is done more effectively using stem cells.  (In earlier years, this was ineffective because stem cells were not included in the fat transfer.)  The first silicone breast implants were created in 1962 by a team of researches lead by Dr. Thomas Cronin.  Silicone implants went through several generations to where they are today.  Since their beginning, silicone breast implants have become the most popular form of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery in the United States.  Saline implants and other materials have also become prevalent, though silicone gel is the most common filler used. 


Plastic surgery and breast augmentation with the use of breast implants has long been a controversial subject as well as a popular procedure.  Some of the controversy stems from the question of how safe they are within the human body.  Reports of autoimmune disorders and complications arose due to the use of the silicone within the implants, and in 1992 the Food and Drug Administration banned the use of silicone implants for a time.  Since then, companies have been working to come up with a safer means of using silicone for breast implants.  In recent years, a few manufacturers (Mentor MemoryGel, Allergan Natrelle, and Sientra) have been reapproved by the FDA to use silicone gel filled breast implants on women of all ages.  Another aspect of the controversy has to do with feminism.  Some individuals feel that plastic surgery of the breast has been imposed on women by men.  However, it is more complicated than that, particularly for women who have unusually small breasts or uneven breasts.  In addition, women have been using various substances since well before the 1960s to increase their breast sizes.  Silicone implants are much safer ways of performing breast augmentation. 

Types of Plastic Surgery of the Breast

Although breast augmentation is typically the first thought when one thinks of plastic surgery of the breast, it is not the only form of plastic surgery on the breast.   There are also several others which will be discussed below. 

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the process of bringing a woman’s breast back to its normal or near normal shape, size, and appearance after she has had a mastectomy to remove breast tissue.  This leaves incision lines and will not create the same original appearance as the breast, but it will be much more normal than the lack of breast tissue from the mastectomy.  Women who undergo breast reconstruction can do so for only one breast or for both, whatever the case may be necessary.

Breast Lift Surgery

Also known as mastopexy, the breast lift is a surgery that raises and firms out the breasts.  The process involves the removal of excess skin, with the surgeon tightening the tissue around it to recreate the proper shape of the breast.  This is typically done on women who have lost their natural youthful breast shape over time, due to aging, heredity, pregnancy, nursing, or fluctuations in weight. 

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is also called mammoplasty and involves the removal of breast fat, tissue, and skin.  Reasons commonly associated with getting a breast reduction include disproportionate breast size in relation to the body and the pain associated with larger than normal breasts. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most common form of plastic surgery of the breast.  This typically involves inserting implants filled with saline, silicone gel, or another substance into the breast tissue to enlarge their size. 

Reasons to Have Plastic Surgery of the Breast

The main reason why women have been pursuing plastic surgery for so many years is due to dissatisfaction with the size of their breasts.  Whether it is due to dissatisfaction with small breasts, large breasts, uneven breasts, or breast shape, plastic surgery of the breast provides a means for women to have the breasts they desire and feel more confident about their figures.


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