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Non Surgical Facelifts

Cost from $ 400

Cost with Financing $ 12 per month


Facelift Alternatives: Non-Surgical Procedures

For those individuals who want to have a facelift but who do not want to have surgery, there are many options for non-surgical facelift procedures.  There may be any number of reasons to not have surgery: perhaps the individual does not need a full traditional surgical facelift, or perhaps it is too expensive financially and requires too much recovery time, or maybe there have been complications with anesthesia or other medical concerns that make surgery a problem.  No matter the reason, a non-surgical facelift is an excellent alternative cosmetic procedure.  While there are many different variations of non-surgical treatments, this article focuses on only a few popular procedures that individuals who desire a non-surgical facelift may undergo.  This article will briefly explain each of these, after which it will acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of non-surgical versus surgical facelifts

Liquid Facelift

One non-surgical facelift treatment is the liquid facelift.  For the liquid facelift, the specialist injects a liquid into the face to correct imperfections.  Some of the liquids that may be used in the facial injectable include Botox cosmetic, Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, chemodenervation agents, and other liquid facial fillers.  This treatment is typically used to correct fine lines and wrinkles and to enhance the cheeks, lips, and eyebrows, creating a smoother face with fuller features.  Several treatment sessions may be required to achieve the desired effect.  Results are not as drastic as those from a full facelift and they do not last as long.  As compared to the traditional facelift procedure, it is much more affordable and poses less risk of nerve damage.


Microcurrent, Ultrasound and Thermage Facelifts

The microcurrent facelift, ultrasound facelift, and thermage facelift are all non-surgical facelift procedures that act in a similar way.  For the microcurrent facelift, electric currents are transmitted through the skin to stimulate the body’s natural tissue and muscle functions so that they will produce the natural chemicals that contribute to the body’s health and vitality.  It usually requires multiple treatment sessions to fulfill the desired goals, and each treatment session by itself is reasonably priced.  The ultrasound facelift involves a process of sending sound waves through the facial skin, which create small pockets of heat from the energy generated by the sound waves.  The body then attempts to heal these pockets, which increases collagen production.  Collagen production tightens and firms skin.  In similar fashion, for the thermage facelift the doctor uses a cooling device on the outer layer of skin while sending radio frequency waves to heat the lower layer of skin.  The heated lower layer leads to an increase in collagen production to tighten the skin.  All of these procedures involve sending some form of wave or current into the body to stimulate natural body processes.  As types of non-surgical facelift procedures, these are also not at all invasive because the technology used does not even puncture the skin.


Laser Facelift

In addition to the above non-surgical facelift procedures, there is the laser facelift.  In this, lasers are used to burn or otherwise attack the surface layers of skin.  The skin then falls off and the skin underneath is tightened and firm.  It is almost like a chemical peel; the laser resurfaces the skin so that the fresher, younger skin underneath is what is foremost on the face. 


Stem Cell Facelift

The stem cell facelift is a type of non-surgical facelift that uses the body’s own adult stem cells to alter the appearance of the face.  In this procedure, the doctor removes fat cells from another part of the body such as the abdomen, prepares them, and then replaces them into the desired part of the face.  Fat cells are used because fat deposits are a good location for finding adult stem cells.  These can be used to fill in wrinkles or depressions as well as add volume to the lips, cheeks, chin, or other parts of the face.


Which Non-Surgical Facelift Should You Have?

All of the procedures described above are non-invasive, non-surgical facelift techniques.  Which one is most suitable for you depends on your facelift needs, your age, your financial situation, and your medical history.  Some of these are not suitable for certain individuals with certain conditions.  Talk to your physician to determine the best course for you.



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