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Liposuction: Neck Lipo

Neck and Chin liposuction Fat Removal Procedures

Face and Neck Liposuction
Tumescent neck lipo is the most secure and typically the most efficient method for eliminating fat involving the chin (double chin), jaw, cheeks and jowls. Neck liposuction entails less complication and scars. It prevents the hazard of general anesthesia, fast recovery, lesser costs, and usually produces a more natural look in contrast to a facelift.

Neck liposuction together with a laser resurfacing or a chemical peel will create a more natural effect for women who have accumulated fat in the neck and face, and who possess extremely wrinkled skin, when compared to the result of having a facelift. It also works better on younger women whose skin elasticity is fine. In this case, neck liposuction alone can moreover generate remarkable improvement and is simpler and much safer method than a facelift.

A surgical-look or tell-tale scars of a facelift procedure are a no-no for most men. This is why they prefer tumescent liposuction or neck liposuction instead of a facelift.

Good Candidates
Neck liposuction is not for everybody because not everyone can benefit from face or neck liposuction. Some patients prefer a facelift procedure; at the same time as for other patients they would prefer neck liposuction. A facelift may be favored by women who have little subcutaneous fat and with hefty folds of skin that are on the neck.

Neck liposuction really covers the areas of submental chin, small areas of the cheeks and the jowls. It is not wholly the liposuction of the face and neck literally.

Submental Chin
The submental chin liposuction (double chin) involves the part beneath the jaw margin, and continues to the front of the neck. Apart from of one's age, a hereditary contained group of surplus fat below the chin gives one a chubby appearance, less athletic and older look. Liposuction is typically the safest, simplest, and most inexpensive way to correct this cosmetic setback.

Subcutaneous Fat
Cheeks having a lot of subcutaneous fat can give a person a chubby appearance. This is typically a hereditary factor that results to this type of fat deposit. It is also usually very resistant to diet and exercise. Tumescent liposuction utilizing tiny (about 1.5 mm in diameter or less) cannulas can amend this cosmetic hitch with aid of a local anesthetic and with nearly with no visible scars.

Jowls are a small fat buildup on the lower cheek which also lies on the jaw bone. Jowls that may protrude more (due to fat) give an appearance of older looking person and can be a cosmetic distress for men and women alike. Amassed fat in the jowls can easily be corrected by tumescent liposuction.

Wrinkle Removal and Liposuction
There are other latest cosmetic facial reconstruction techniques that eliminate facial wrinkles as liposuction does not get rid of them. Facial wrinkles, acne scars, and blotchy pigmentation can all be corrected by any of the given technologies, including chemical peel, dermabrasion, CO2 laser resurfacing, or a mix of these procedures. A mix of liposuction and wrinkle removal can usually provide much better overall improvement than a facelift.

CO2 Laser
A CO2 laser is widely utilized to reconstruct the facial skin eliminating wrinkles, and tightening the loose skin appearance around the eye(s). The intensity of diffusion of the laser into the layer of skin can be carried out with great accuracy. The cosmetic enhancement is characteristically quite remarkable.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels engage the use of diluted chemical solutions. It is applied to the face yielding injuries to the external layers of skin. An expert surgeon can utilize various chemicals and special concentrations of each chemical to attain the results patients want. Superficial chemical peels that eradicate only the most external layers of skin, recovers quickly, and are mostly used to eliminate blotchy pigmentation. Deep peels can eradicate far down wrinkles and give effects that are as good as the greatest effects of the CO2 laser. Intermediate chemical peels can take away thin wrinkles in addition to blotchy pigmentation.
This surgical procedure utilizes a diamond-covered disc to sand off the surface layer of skin, literally. True dermabrasion is coupled with some bleeding, involves good anesthesia, but can grant remarkable cosmetic reduction of facial wrinkles. Micro-dermabrasion pertains to a method that only gives a short-term feeling of smoothness. The process does not cure deep wrinkles. This classic procedure of dermabrasion with the aid of a tumescent local anesthesia is perhaps the most flourishing technique for removing mature wrinkles, especially on or around the upper lip. The triumph of dermabrasion relies on top level surgical skill, and not all cosmetic surgeons have performed dermabrasion. Intermediate lip wrinkles that are not very deep can as well be corrected by laser resurfacing.
Platysma Bands
Platysma Bands are noticeable vertical folds that build up in older patients. These folds of skin can be found on the front of the neck. Platysma bands have wobbly folds of exterior muscles and fat cells. Tumescent liposuction can eliminate the manifestation of platysma bands. The platysma muscles are also be fixed at the same time as the liposuction with the aid of local anesthesia by creating a small incision below the chin and employing sutures to bind the muscles together.
Postoperative Dressing
The small incisions created for face and neck liposuction do not need any sutures. Tiny incisions that are open provide drainage of anesthetic solution reducing postoperative bruising and possibly edema as well. Absorptive pads are used to soak up the drainage, and an elastic compression garment keeps the pads in place. A compression garment is used after face and neck liposuction procedure for the first 18 to 36 hours following surgery. When the drainage has stopped, there is no use for a compression garment anymore. In the classic days of liposuction, physicians advised patients to put on a compression garment for 2 to 6 weeks, however there has been found that extended compression period is not really needed.

Is Neck Liposuction better than a facelift?
It depends…if you have fatty deposits on your neck and face, then the answer is a big YES. If you do NOT have any fat in those areas, neck liposuction would not do any good since there is no excessive fat to remove. In that situation, a facelift would be a better option. However, you should consult with your surgeon first to make sure you are making the right decision.

Are Chemical Peels better than Dermabrasion?
It depends on what you’re looking for. Dermabrasion is a short-term solution to wrinkles, while Chemical Peels are mainly for blotchy skin. The wrinkle-reducing effects of Dermabrasion are only temporary, and after some time the wrinkles will reappear. Chemical peels do reduce wrinkles, but at a high dosage, which tends to be more expensive.

Do I need special items after having neck liposuction?
Yes, you will need to wear an elastic compression garment for the first 18 to 36 hours following your surgery, until the drainage stops. Twenty years ago, you needed to wear these post surgery garments for as long as 6 weeks, but advancements in cosmetic surgery technology have significantly reduced that time.

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