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Mini Tummy Tuck cost:

Cost from $ 2,800

Cost with Financing $ 76 per month


Risks and Benefits of Mini Abdominoplasty: Mini Tummy Tuck Cost

For patients in need of a mini or partial abdominoplasty, or mini tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck cost is a definite concern.  All surgical procedures have a number of risks and benefits associated with them, and the individual who educates himself or herself well before selecting a procedure will fare better.  There are many different kinds of fat removal surgeries and techniques, including liposuction, gastric bypass, i-lipo, vaser lipo, lipo ex, smart lipo, and more.  A mini tummy tuck is one of these treatments, and it has costs and benefits along with the others.  This article will describe how a mini tummy tuck works and explain the associated mini tummy tuck cost and benefits.


Mini Tummy Tuck Cost: What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?


More formally known as abdominoplasty, is a procedure in which surgeons remove excess fat as well as skin from the abdominal area and tighten the stomach muscles, resulting in a smoother, flatter stomach area.  A mini tummy tuck is otherwise known as partial abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty.  The difference between a tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck is that for the latter, the surgery is less invasive, and less fat is removed.  In the mini tummy tuck, the surgeon makes a smaller incision and does not have to cut around the navel.  Those who receive a mini tummy tuck also often receive liposuction in order to maximize the results of the surgical procedure.  Some individuals who desire a mini tummy tuck find that liposuction alone is sufficient to achieve their intended results.  Generally speaking, candidates for a mini tummy tuck have struggled with flattening their stomach area due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, or other similar complications.  The surgery is typically recommended for patients within 10% of their ideal body weight and whose primary goal is to flatten their lower abdomen.  It is not recommended for individuals who need to lose more than 20% of their body fat or who intend to become pregnant at a later date.  The actual procedure usually lasts approximately one to two hours, and often, the patient will remain in the hospital overnight to ensure that a normal recovery will occur.  While the results for each patient can vary depending on the patient’s build, skin color, and ability to heal, most are satisfied with the results and can maintain the appearance of their flattened abdomens after the surgery.


Mini Tummy Tuck Cost: Financial


minimum or maximum range of two thousand dollars on either side.  Insurance typically will not cover any part of a mini tummy tuck surgery because it is cosmetic in nature, which means that patients will be required to pay the full amount without insurance assistance.


Mini Tummy Tuck: Physical and Recovery


One potentially significant mini tummy tuck cost to consider is the recovery time.  Most individuals can expect to need two to three days of bed rest and two to four weeks of recovery time from the mini tummy tuck procedure before being able to resume normal activities such as work, driving, and travel, though some with quicker healing abilities and better physical health may need less time to heal.  An abdominal binder is provided to support the newly flattened and tightened abdomen as it heals.  Surgeons often suggest that patients exercise lightly after surgery to assist with the healing process and guard against complications such as blood clots.  Individuals who smoke should know that smoking can complicate the healing process, and it is recommended that they desist from smoking during the several weeks following surgery.  An additional mini tummy tuck cost is that there commonly is swelling, pain, and discomfort following the surgery which can be reduced by pain medication.  Unlike non-surgical lipo treatments and weight loss techniques, scarring does occur with the mini tummy tuck.  However, the scars from this surgery are located in areas of the abdomen that are typically covered by clothing, and they will become lighter and flatter as time goes on.  In spite of these costs, the results of a mini tummy tuck are drastic and sustainable.  Interested individuals should consider mini tummy tuck cost along with the benefits it provides before determining whether or not it is the most appropriate surgical procedure for their situation.


Mini Tummy Tuck, the small tummy tuck

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The average mini TT cost depends on a lot of things, but you can get a idea of the general price of plastic surgery or cost of tummy tuck in our Compare Prices page, or request a quote using our Get a Quote page.



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  SSI Surgery Board  
File ID : Q&A  
Mini tummy tuck vs full tummy tuck Dallas Tx.

Does a Mini tummy tuck cost less than a regular tummy tuck ?

Laura S- Dallas Tx.

Mini tummy tuck cost vs full TT

Generally yes it will cost a few thousand dollars less. What is not as clear is that often women want a mini, but they really NEED a full tummy tuck, and end up with the higher prices surgery.



File ID : Q&A  
Extra Skin and stretch marks,

I have stretch marks and a lot of excess skin, which type of tummy tuck would I need? Full or Mini?

Deborah. - Los Angelos CA


Deborah, if you have stretch marks, a lot of extra skin, you will need the Full Tummy tuck, a mini will not get you the results you are provably looking for...



File ID : Q&A  
Mini TT and Lipo at same time?

Can I get a mini tummy tuck and Liposuction at the same time ?

Sara- Dallas, TX.


Yes you can get both at the same time, most plastic surgeons will perform both at the same time, and give you a multi procedure discount.



File ID : Q&A  
Mini Tummy tuck financing

Can I get financing to help with the mini tummy tuck cost?

Erica P-New York

Mini Tummy tuck cost NYC

Erica, this depends on your credit and on if the doctor offers this option its very on a case by case basis. The cost of mini tummy tuck is not to bad, I would recommend saving up for it vs financing. The rates are not so great for vanity surgery unless you have stellar credit.



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