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Mini Facelift Options

Cost from $ 1,400

Cost with Financing $ 43 per month

Turning Back Time: Mini Facelift surgery

For those individuals who have noticed the effects of time beginning to show on their faces, a mini facelift can be the solution to the problem.  This procedure is a less invasive cosmetic surgery than the traditional full facelift surgery.  Rather than focusing on the entire face, one area of the face is specifically targeted for treatment.  Having one’s face appear youthful and smooth is particularly important to people today, which is why various facelift and other plastic surgery treatments are in such high demand.  As plastic surgery is a thriving field of study, those who may feel inclined to consider cosmetic surgery on their faces can be assured that they will have little difficulty finding a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to give them a facelift or other procedure if they desire.  This article will explain the mini facelift and how it differs from a full facelift, who should receive one, and the recovery and risks associated with this procedure. 


What is a Mini Facelift?

As briefly outlined above, a mini facelift is similar to a full facelift, only it is a less invasive surgical procedure.  Also called a limited incision facelift, it is best used on those people who have limited amounts of excess skin and fewer areas of the face that they would like to fix.  The mini facelift specifically targets a certain area of the face previously determined by the patient and surgeon.  One of the areas of focus for a limited incision facelift is the brow line, to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead.  Another is often tightening sagging skin around the mouth and jaw.  For the actual surgery most surgeons will make very small incisions at the temples and in the hairline to reposition the facial tissues, tightening the muscles and creating a smoother and younger looking face shape.  This form of facelift surgery can last from one to four hours and is usually conducted with local anesthetic, though general anesthesia can be used if the patient prefers or if a unique medical condition warrants it.  Each surgeon conducts the cosmetic surgery in his or her own unique way, so it is recommended that the individual learn what information is available regarding the treatment, such as how and where the incisions are made and whether or not the doctor uses an endoscope in the procedure.


Who Is A Good Candidate for A Mini Facelift?

Those who have this procedure in their forties or even in their thirties are more likely to see slower aging on the lower part of the face than those who do not have it at all or those who have the limited incision facelift at an older age.  It suits best those who either are just beginning to show signs of aging or those who have already received a facelift and are after time beginning to show again some signs of excess facial skin.  One of the reasons why those who are just beginning to show the signs of aging are most recommended for this procedure is that their skin is still very elastic, and the more elastic the skin, the longer results from facelift surgery can last


Recovery and Risks Associated With a Mini Facelift

Full recovery time can be about one to three weeks, though most individuals return to work after a much shorter time period.  Results from the mini facelift can last approximately eight to twelve years before the body’s natural aging process begins to again show up significantly on the face.  There are always risks associated with surgery, though most of these are very rare.  Risks from this facial surgery may include nerve damage, infection, scarring, complications due to the use of anesthesia during treatment, bleeding, swelling, and numbness.  In spite of these, very few individuals have much pain after the procedure, and the little pain they have can usually be treated with over the counter pain medications.  On the other hand, the cost of mini facelift surgery is significantly lower than that of the complete traditional facelift.  For this reason, it can be a viable option for treatment for those who cannot afford the full scale treatment.  At any rate, the mini facelift can greatly reduce the negative effects age can leave on the face such as sagging skin and wrinkles, as it removes excess skin and softens the wrinkles.  Depending on what you feel you need done, you should consider this procedure as a potential alternative to a full facelift. 



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