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Liposuction Cost

Calculating the full price related to purchasing Lipo

Including Surgeons fees and Hospital Charges

"Liposuction is a consumer product, its purchase should be understood and budgeted for".

Liposuction cost is a significant thing when taking into account lipo operation…actually the liposuction cost is THE most important factor for many people. However, the quality of the procedure and results is much more vital than the actual 'sticker price' of the liposuction procedure. If you want the results to look good, then it all comes down to how skilled the surgeon is. Liposuction costs are essential, but it’s definitely NOT the only thing you should consider when thinking of undergoing lipo surgery. Remember, you get what you pay for, and don’t be cheap when it comes to your body.

The Cheapest Liposuction Can Cost You More
Picking a liposuction doctor simply based on the lowest price may end up being much more costly than you thought. If the surgeon does not do a good job, then you’ll end up seeing another surgeon to fix the problem…which means more money out of your pocket to fix the problem.

Liposuction prices, Paying for a good procedure is worth it

The most common results of poor lipo surgery are:

  • Incomplete Liposuction: The liposuction was not completely finished, not much fat was removed, and you may see very little difference in your body after the surgery.
  • Excessive Liposuction: Too much lipo was done, which results in a disfigured or unnatural look.
  • Irregular / Uneven Results: Certain areas have had more fat removed than others leaving a lumpy or unshapely area to your body.
  • Scarring: If the area where lipo was performed is not stitched up cleanly, it can leave large scars that tell everyone you’ve had liposuction surgery.

    Determining Liposuction Cost
    The cost of liposuction surgery is a sum of the parts that make up the procedure.  These include:
  1. The patient’s size
  2. The area or areas that require liposuction.
  3. Surgeon’s time and the effort required.
  4. Service costs of an anesthesiologist.
  5. Fees for the Operating Room
  6. Laboratory Fees (preoperative)
  7. Other expenses (elastic compression materials, etc.)

Cost of the Surgeon
The surgeon’s time has a huge impact on the cost of liposuction.  The most significant factors that will affect this are:

  1. The total number of areas that require treatment.
  2. The patient’s size.
  3. The procedure’s degree of difficulty.

The price of the liposuction surgical procedure of the abdomen by itself is not as much as the price of performing lipo surgery on the abdomen, knees, and other parts of the body. In the same way, the price for abdominal lipo surgery on a patient who weighs 200 pounds may well be more than the price for lipo surgery of the abdomen of a patient weighing only 130 pounds. If the liposuction surgical procedure is more complex and requires more hours by the surgeon it will cost more. Also, if the patient gained and then lost a lot of weight it would make surgery more involved for the surgeon. Finally, if there is scar tissue from a previous lipo surgery it will make the surgeon’s job more difficult.


Other Variables That Can Affect Liposuction Cost
One of the other factors affecting liposuction costs is the surgeon’s knowledge and skill. A skilled liposuction doctor who has completed hundreds of liposuction surgical operations, who always achieves excellent results, and the one who is the most wanted, will frequently charge more than an inexperienced surgeon. These surgeons who are not in demand may present marked down prices, or persuade potential patients by giving free of charge consultation. Lipo surgeons who had discontented patients and who has a bad reputation may reduce liposuction fees to entice new patients. In addition, where the surgeon is located can also affect liposuction cost. A surgeon in a large city obviously has higher fees than a surgeon in a small town, so you can expect the liposuction cost to be more at the surgeon located in the larger area where lease and labor prices are more expensive. Plus, as there is a larger demand for liposuction procedures in a large city, the price will also increase.


“Global” Liposuction Cost
A number of surgeons will give a single Global Liposuction Cost incorporating every feasible surgery-related expenditure in a single lump sum. A global lipo fee is generally offered when the surgery is prepared in the surgeon's own practice or medical center. When you, the potential patient, call a surgeon's office to requesting the rate of liposuction surgery, be sure to verify if the estimate is for a global price or purely the surgical price. Receptionists or other office staff that respond may only give you the cost of the surgeon's fee without mentioning all the other fees, like the fee for the anesthesiologist, or the fee for the operating room, and so on.


Detailed Liposuction Fees Plus Surgical Fees
Some surgeons would rather give potential patients a detailed list of all the liposuction costs. This breakdown should comprise of the surgical fee (surgeon’s services), anesthesiologist's costs, operating room costs, preceding laboratory test costs, rates for elastic compression garments, and perhaps fees for antibiotics and additional prescribed drugs. Occasionally itemized fees are offered when the surgeon can’t manage all of the associated expenditures, such as when the liposuction surgery is to be performed in a hospital facility and staff. Itemized liposuction fees are also employed by surgeons who are multi-tasking surgical procedures for various patients.


Phone Quotations are not Defined
A phone quote is only an estimate. A surgeon must examine the patient to provide an accurate quote of the liposuction cost. You can expect to hear what you want, the lowest price for a particular procedure. However, if a surgeon consistently offers a complete global liposuction cost, the receptionist should be competent to say that "for abdominal liposuction surgery. The lowest price is $3,500 and possibly will be as high as $8,000 for a larger abdomen".


Printed Quotation
Written Quotation of overall charge for the liposuction surgery is important. Watch out of any surgeon who is not entirely open, frank and truthful about all of the fees associated with the procedure.


Financing and Loans
Loans and Financing for cosmetic procedures are accessible through private credit businesses. Regularly, a client may also cover the liposuction cost with a credit card. Liposuction is commonly considered a luxury, not a necessity, and putting yourself into debt to cover the liposuction cost calls for cautious deliberation.



Common questions related to purchasing liposuction


What affects liposuction cost?
The skill of the surgeon is the most influential factor.  Generally, the better a surgeon is, the more they will charge.  Also, fees for things you wouldn't’t think of can affect lipo cost, these can include:

  1. Operating room fees
  2. Anesthesiologist fees
  3. Laboratory fees
  4. Other related expenses

What is Global Liposuction Cost?
A global liposuction cost includes all the expenses, like the surgeon’s fee, as well as the fees for the operating room, lab tests, the anesthesiologist, and all related costs such as medication and so on.


Are there risks with cheap lipo surgery?
Yes, you get what you pay for.  If you cheap out and take the lowest price you find, you may get a surgeon who is not very skilled.  This may result in lumps and bumps, an uneven shape, or unsightly scars.


Can I call for a lipo quote?
Yes you can, but you should only use a phone quote as a general price.  No surgeon can give an accurate cost over the phone, let alone a receptionist.  If you do call for a lipo quote, ask if that cost includes the fees for the operating room, anesthesiologist, lab tests and other expenses.


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