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Liposuction: Laser Lipo

Light Assisted Fat Removal-The Modern Procedure


Laser liposuction is now much safer, easier to perform, and it produces results that are more beautiful than ever before.  Cosmetic surgeons have, for the longest time, had difficulty in working on body areas that are hard to reach or are totally inaccessible using traditional liposuction. The advent of laser liposuction has enabled cosmetic surgeons to work on these areas much more easily and has made sculpting easier to perform.
Laser liposuction differs from traditional liposuction, and is known as laser lipolysis or liposculpture. The differences are varied, and some examples are that in the use of suction. In some laser liposuction procedures, suction is utilized while in some other method, no suction is used at all. They also differ in the use of the cannula, which is a very small tube. In traditional liposuction, the cannula is used to suck the fatty deposits out of the skin, while in laser liposuction; the cannula houses the laser that is utilized to melt the fat.
The laser is used to melt the fat, and once this fat deposit is in liquid form, it is suctioned and drained from the body by the way of incisions. This is another advantage of laser liposuction over traditional liposuction because the incisions are much smaller. Also, a smaller cannula is used in laser liposuction. The advancement of technology in laser liposuction has led to much smaller and fewer scars after the procedure. The skin tightens as a result of the natural reaction of the body to the heat caused by the procedure. It also means that because of this contraction, the skin is smoother, tighter and looks more natural


Laser liposuction is very safe because it was designed specifically for the fatty cells. Muscles and other parts like nerve tissue are well protected. The procedure is less painful, healing takes less time, only miniscule or almost non-existent bruises and scars may remain. This is all because of the high precision use of lasers to target the fatty cells. Through research, some manufacturers have discovered wavelengths and frequencies that when used in a specific way, creates more efficient results. The procedure of laser liposuction can be costly because it utilizes the newest technologies and highly trained surgeons.
Laser liposuction is as good, or even better, than traditional liposuction as it can provide the same or even better results. Another advantage is that laser liposuction can reach the small problem areas of the patient, and can provide a more accurate procedure over traditional liposuction. There is a very high rate of success in these procedures. The results can even be more striking because when the skin tightens it gives the impression that the patient actually went thru a face or neck lift. It is a simple reaction that happens when the skin tightens after the melting of the fat in the area.


The cosmetic surgeon who will work on the patient will do their best to provide the results the client is looking for. As mentioned, the procedure uses a cannula and laser combination which provides specific body shaping. And as newer techniques are developed, the technology behind laser liposuction is expected only to improve and provide better results to the clients. The best advantages of laser liposuction are:



Laser liposuction, for starters is safer than traditional liposuction. It is a better procedure because cosmetic surgeons use local anesthesia only, while traditional liposuction uses general anesthesia. The advancement of technology utilized in laser liposuction procedures also has little swelling and almost zero blood loss. And since the cannulas used in the procedures are small, these only require small incisions. This leads to less bruising and a lower risk of infection. Another advantage is the faster recovery time and the skin tightening effects.


Better Results
The use of laser liposuction has enabled cosmetic surgeons to provide better results by shaping the body with more control and a curvier, more natural result. The procedure eliminates ugly scars and the skin tightening effect provides a fit look. As skin loses its elasticity and becomes loose, this effect of laser liposuction is surely a winner. Laser liposuction also stimulates the collagen production of the body that results in tighter and smoother skin. It also has been known that laser liposuction cause blood vessels to coagulate which helps the body heal faster with less bruising.


Easier Procedure
Surprisingly, laser liposuction is done mostly in a clinic, using local anesthesia. The patients undergoing the procedure are conscious during the procedure. And since the cosmetic surgeons only use local anesthesia, the patients are able to walk out of the clinic after the procedure has been completed. Although they would need rest time, they should be alright after a few days of rest.


Permanent Results
The beauty of laser liposuction is that the results it provides are there to stay, permanently. The reason behind this is that the procedure permanently removes the fat cells. What most people don’t know is that the body cannot regenerate fat cells. The reason why people gain weight and get fat is that when we eat, these fat cells expand. The laser used in laser liposuction will melt these fat cells and the corresponding suction effect will permanently remove these fat cells. And since the body cannot regenerate these fat cells, they are gone from the body forever.


Laser liposuction is the result of the advancement of technology. Before, cosmetic surgeons used suction-assisted lipolysis to remove the fat cells using general anesthesia. Then came the tumescent technique which utilized volumes of liquid that has local anesthetic in it that enabled cosmetic surgeons to do the procedure in their clinics. These cosmetic surgeons also used intravenous sedation instead of general anesthesia during the procedure. Finally, the introduction of lasers came and cosmetic surgeons started to use these in probes that induce thermal lipolysis. Laser lipo is very popular and is the choice of most cosmetic surgeons. These advances enabled more fat cells to be harvested from the body. The procedure has become easier, safer, with little blood loss, a comfortable procedure and the risks are greatly reduced. It has become so popular that people can have the procedure and return to their normal routine after a just a few days of rest, some even go back the very next day.



Today, laser liposuction is a common method used by cosmetic surgeons. There are a lot of available options for patients. And the procedure does not only help the patient lose weight and achieve their desired shape, they also help in uplifting the confidence and ego of the patient so that they can live a better life. Laser liposuction is a quick and painless procedure, and most patients resume their normal daily routine after a short break. The good thing about laser liposuction is that the results will be noticed almost immediately. Laser liposuction also does not hinder a patient’s lifestyle, it actually improves their quality of life. And most patients, after being tired of being overweight, fat and ineffective, live an active and healthy lifestyle after the procedure to preserve their laser liposuction gains and to preserve their image and new bodies.

A laser liposuction procedure must be taken with a grain of is, for starters, still a surgery. A patient must do the necessary research and read through all the readily available materials and talk with their cosmetic surgeons on what options are available to them. Also, choosing a competent cosmetic surgeon is also very important. The more a patient understands about the procedure, the more they will feel comfortable with it, and this would translate to a more successful procedure.


With the advent of more advanced scientific procedures and its utilization in liposuction, the procedures are becoming safer and more cost effective. Laser liposuction can enhance one’s physical appearance in a safe and efficient manner. Not surprisingly, laser liposuction is a very fast growing popular choice. A lot of people are now getting feeling and looking better with the procedure in a safe and affordable manner.

There are many resources available to learn more about laser liposuction. Every day there are new developments, new methods and newer procedures. One can also use these resources to find the nearest cosmetic surgeon to their place. From these resources, people can learn about the different options that they have. They can browse through the different cosmetic surgeons that are available, and review their credentials. Most laser liposuction clinics have websites and it would be a good idea to check these out as well. They can research on how the procedures are done, the risks, how the facilities are, and see the work done by the cosmetic surgeons. Most surgeons have before and after photos, and these can be a good benchmark of how good these cosmetic surgeons really are. They would also have a question section for frequently asked questions, and they would have the contact information so you can ask questions that the website cannot answer.


The procedures available in laser liposuction are varied, so is the available talent. One of the most important decisions is choosing the right cosmetic surgeon. One must look at the credentials and ensure that the person they choose is a licensed medical professional who is trained and has good experience in performing laser liposuction. Their facilities must be of industry standard as well as the equipment used. Medical education and medical facilities go hand in hand.


Once you’ve chosen the surgeon, you’ll need to make an appointment with them, this is the initial consultation. This is where the cosmetic surgeon would look at your records, examine you, conduct a few tests, take measurements and with the available information that they get, they can provide you with a list of options. The cosmetic surgeon would need to determine if you are a good liposuction candidate. You can ask any questions about the procedure, and the cosmetic surgeon can provide ideas on the procedure itself, how it will be performed, how long you will need to recover, what other treatments are necessary and most importantly how much the procedure will cost.


The cosmetic surgeon can also discuss the intricacies of the procedure, especially what you can expect. Since it is a medical procedure, there would be mild pain but as discussed earlier, the cosmetic surgeon will use local anesthesia to numb the pain. Afterwards, the cosmetic surgeon can then prescribe

painkillers or pain relievers depending on the amount of discomfort you may have. These are usually to be taken only in cases of pain, but the discomfort usually disappears after a few days.
The cosmetic surgeon must also discuss the possibility of side effects. Laser liposuction is a relatively safe procedure, but it can have some mild side effects. Although there may be some swelling and bruising, it is minimal. You must remember to ask your surgeons about this so that you know what to expect after the procedure.
As laser liposuction is a medical procedure, it also has its risks. But the most important thing to know about laser liposuction is that if you are in good physical condition and an excellent mental condition, it would be no problem for anyone to get the laser lipo they need. The most common discomforts are a little pain, numbness, a little bruising and swelling and some initial limit on your daily routine. After recovery, things would be back to normal. The cosmetic surgeon will always provide instructions and expectations after the procedure.
This factor would surely depend on the caliber of the cosmetic surgeon, on the procedure to be done and to the location of where the procedure will be performed. A lot of cosmetic surgeons provide payment plans for their laser liposuction procedures so that anyone can afford it.
Before the advent of laser liposuction, traditional liposuction was hard, expensive and risky. Today, the availability of laser liposuction enables people to have the procedure done quick and painless, and they can be back to work the next day, with less risk and better results. Getting laser liposuction depends on your needs, but it can definitely lead you to a healthier life, and a much more beautiful look.


Why should I choose Laser Liposuction?
Laser liposuction is much safer than traditional liposuction techniques.  There are less incisions required, and the ones that are made are very small.  This means less scarring and bruising.  Also, following the procedure, the skin tightens as it reacts to the heat from the laser, this is not the case with regular liposuction. A local anesthetic is used, so you are awake during the procedure.  This eliminates the risks associated with general anesthetics.


How does Laser Lipo work?
A small incision is made in the area where you need fat removed.  A laser is attached to a cannula (a very small tube), and inserted into the incision.  The laser melts the fatty deposits turning it into a liquid and the liquid is then sucked out.


What are the side effects of Laser Liposuction?
Laser lipo is less risky than traditional lipo, but there are some side effects.  There may be bruising or swelling in the area where the procedure has been performed.  There may also be scarring, but since the incisions are so small the scarring is minimal and will eventually disappear.













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