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Liposuction: Cheap Lipo

How to pay less for liposuction surgery

Cost from $ 1,450 (one area)

Cost with Financing $ 50 per month



Cheap liposuction is available to anybody that's willing to spend some time searching and doing the proper homework. Technology has advanced the science of liposuction that the processes and lipo fees are accessible (affordable) to the greater public. Still, be aware of the liposuction services that are being performed and most importantly of the corresponding lipo methods and processes that are done to have the certainty of success. Safety vs 'cheap prices ', of course, is the most important factor of all when it comes to liposuction surgery.


Affordable liposuction services are available for most problem areas of the body.Cheap Lipo can be done on the abdomen, waist, hips, chest, flanks, back, anterior, outer and inner thighs, arms, buttocks and facial areas. Liposuction has no definite price, as it varies from area to area. Different lipo systems have different cost factors as well, e.g., SmartLipo vs Traditional, and from procedure to procedure.


The methods and processes of liposuction are priced on a wide varied range. The most common factors of lipo pricing to take into consideration are what body areas demand fat removal, the location (city, state) of the patient.. One would usually have to shell out an average of $5,500.00 per lipo procedure. This is the average cost of lipo based on a survey on what average patients paid for lipo and the location they were in.


The ranges vary, but the most cost effective(cheapest) lipo procedures are said to be available in Oregon and Utah. Most of the surveyed respondents paid the average on the north of $2,100.00 for liposuction procedures that may cost more in more urbanized places. The average cost of procedures in metro areas like Chicago or New York may range on the north of $7,500.00 in getting comparable plastic surgery procedures.
Prices do vary, but the average lipo price range for certain procedures would be:

  1. Waist and Hips liposuction: $1,500 to $4,600
  2. Chest liposuction: $2,900 –$ 7,600
  3. Flanks (saddlebags) lipo: $2,100 – $4,900
  4. Back: $1,600 -$3,900
  5. Thighs and Anterior Knees: $1,900 - $4,900
  6. Inner Knees and Thighs liposuction: $1,900 - $4,900
  7. Arms lipo: $ 1,200 - $5,100
  8. Buttocks: $1,600 -$4,800
  9. Facial Areas: $2,200 - $4,800

Possibly the biggest budget factor that determines the cost of liposuction is the location. One has to do their research on which state on can offer cheap liposuction procedures. But one must also have to take into consideration the travel involved. Hotel, travel fare and other expenses can be a major factor as it can decrease one’s savings if the travel expenses are considerable. If one finds out that the procedure would actually cost more when the travel expenses are added, then it is advisable for the patient to consider a closer place for the procedure and then check if the added travel expenses are still comparable.


Also, take into consideration other factors required in their liposuction procedure like their body size, the time it takes for the procedure, if there will be the need for an anesthesiologist, the rates of operating rooms, other needed laboratory fees and other expenses. All in all, this could give a general idea of costs and can greatly show where one can find safe yet affordable liposuction.


Sometimes, searching for cheap affordable liposuction and taking the lowest price can also backfire as cheap procedures oftentimes equal an inexperienced surgeon. The cheap choice can sometimes be the expensive choice as if the first procedure is not up to par; it can result to having another procedure done just to fix the first procedure. Incomplete or over liposuction, lumpy, uneven and irregular areas, and finally the possibility of lasting scars that are a patient’s greatest nightmare.


One must research on their surgeon of choice and check if they have good or negative reviews. Forums can usually provide detailed feedback of a surgeon’s work. Social networks can also provide positive or negative feedback. One must always remember that one’s health and safety are the most important aspects to be taken into consideration when looking for cheap liposuction.


Knowing that you are permanently altering your body, finding an affordable yet reputable surgeon which is skilled enough to provide you with your expected results, with the least amount of risk, at the most affordable price in the most convenient place, would be the perfect formula in getting cheap liposuction. Its a tall shopping order but those are all the cost factors related to getting cheap liposuction.


Is liposuction safe at any price?
Yes.  The technology, methods and practices have advanced phenomenally over the past decade.  Liposuction is very safe, but like all surgical procedures there are some risks.  However, all of these risks can be avoided by finding a reputable, skilled surgeon to complete the procedure.  The surgeon can review your specific case and advise you if liposuction is right for you.


What are the top factors related to liposuction cost?
Our Survey showed the top financial factors were.

  1. The area of the body where you want liposuction
  2. The specific lipo procedure required
  3. Where you live, or where you get the liposuction procedure done(Full Hospital vs Clinic)

Is traveling for liposuction a good idea?
Yes, IF you find a skilled plastic surgeon AND a great deal on a place to stay. The cheapest lipo states in the U.S. are Utah and Oregon. However, you must look at the total cost which includes the cost of the procedure, PLUS your travel expenses, accommodations, meals, and so on. You should also investigate the surgeon as well…the last thing you want is, to pay even more money to fix a poor liposuction procedure.

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File ID : Q&A  
cheap liposuction Texas

I live in Dallas, and the prices for lipo here are very high- Where is the closest place to get safe but still affordable liposuction? Was thinking about getting lipo in Mexico, is it safe?

Kelly in Dallas, TX.

Cheap liposuction Dallas TX.

Dallas has expensive plastic surgery in general, The closest location is going to be lipo in mexico for sure. Their are several U.S. trained Plastic surgeons that will cost about half or less of the U.S. liposuction prices. Worth checking out for sure.



File ID : Q&A  
Liposuction or liposculpture

I am confused- what is the difference between Liposuction or Liposculpture?

Melody.- Miami Florida

lipo Miami FL.

Liposuction is everything fat removal can be anywhere in any amount of removal. Liposculpture is more changing the appearance of one area like a surgeon can give the appearance of a six pack abs using liposculpture. Generally it just refers to more sculpting of the body vs mass fat removal from a general area.


File ID : Q&A  
Fat Removal put in Butt

I want to have the fat removed from my stomach area and put into by butt, can this be done? Also any suggestions for "cheap, cheap liposuction in the NYC area" I am on a tight budget. Thank you.

Cheap - Affordable Liposuction NYC, NY

Hi, yes that can be done, any fat removed from the body can be re placed in almost any area, I have even seen fat injections done to an older woman's hands before, the effects were amazing! Her hands looked 20 years younger, very neat.

Cheap-Affordable Liposuction in NYC area? Good luck with that one, its one of the most expensive parts of the country to get any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. I would plan a trip to another state or consider going to Mexico or elsewhere. I have seen patients get over 10k dollar budgets for procedures in NYC and have it done a few states away for under 5k, more than enough to make the trip a paid for vacation with money left over to spare. © 2005

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