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Breast Implants: Choosing the Right Size


Breast Implants: Getting the right fit for your body type.

When deciding to undergo breast implant surgery, the main factor to be considered is choosing the right size.  As breast size is something that affects your daily life from the bras you wear to the other clothing you wear to how people observe you, this is an important decision to make.  It does not, however, have to be an extremely difficult decision.  This article will acknowledge the factors that go into choosing the appropriate breast implant size and will offer suggestions about how you should choose the size for you.

Talk to An Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Before you come to a decision about size, talk to an experienced plastic surgeon.  Better yet, discuss it with more than one.  Plastic surgeons who have been performing breast augmentation surgery for years know what sizes make certain women with certain body types comfortable or uncomfortable.  They can counsel you regarding the size and profile that will best suit your body type as well as your needs. 

Consider Your Body Type and Implant Needs

If you are looking at receiving a breast implant for only one of your breasts due to a mastectomy or genetic deformity, then choosing the size should be simple: make sure the implant matches the size of your other natural breast.  If, however, you are receiving implants for both breasts (which is more common), consider your body type, shape, and size.  If you have small breasts and are merely seeking to adjust your proportions so that your clothing fits better, the size you choose will be very different from the size of the woman with average sized breasts who wants to give herself more of a standout appearance.  Women with smaller frames or narrow shoulders should not necessarily choose a large breast implant size because it may look unnatural, while women with larger frames may want to choose a larger implant size because the implants will make the waist appear slimmer.  In addition, you’ll also want to factor in other body needs such as whether or not you’ll be having any children after receiving the implants.  Breasts tend to increase in size during pregnancy and through nursing, and if you have implants that have already increased your breast size substantially, they may be cumbersome and extremely painful with the increase in size due to pregnancy and nursing.  They can also limit your ability to breastfeed.  Look at your body type and body needs, look at women with similar body shapes who have had implants, and you should be able to choose wisely which size you should have.

The Rice Test and Other Sizers

If you already have a size in mind, use the rice test.  Place 1 ounce or 1/8th cup of rice for every 30cc (breast implant sizing) implant you want into a Ziploc bag or nylon stocking.  Then place the sealed bag or tied stocking into the bra size you hope to have and wear it around for a few days.  Think carefully about the look and feel of your “implants” and if you decide after a few days that you don’t like it, re-measure the amount of rice and try it again.  You can also purchase implant sizers that are pre-made for the same purpose. 

Choosing the Right Profile Size

The profile size of the breast implant is a significant factor in choosing the correct size for your breast augmentation needs.  This refers to how the implant itself will project outward from the chest wall.  A breast implant with a high profile will have a narrow base width but will project more prominently and will be more visible from the profile view.  A higher profile implant is recommended for individuals with narrow chests who do not have a significant amount of natural breast tissue.  On the other hand, for women who have more wide chests and who want to add substance but not necessarily a significant amount of projection, they can choose to go with a more moderate or standard projection implant. 

Which Size is Best for You?

All things considered, you have to look at what you really want out of your breast augmentation surgery.  Do you want to adjust your body proportions so that your bust fits better with your wide hips?  Do you want a larger bust so it will be more noticeable?  Also, factor in your lifestyle.  If you are highly athletic, breast implants may cause problems for you during exercise such as running.  They may also be adversely affected by the buildup of chest muscle.  Consider the clothing you plan to wear and how your bust size will affect how the clothes will fit on your body.  Lastly, consider how the size of your breast implants will affect your self-confidence and appearance.  You want to be sure that the size you choose allows you to be comfortable in your own body. 



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