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I Lipo Cost


The Risks, Benefits and prices of I-Lipo Treatment:

When considering a form of lipolysis treatment such as i-lipo for body contouring, potential patients should research i-lipo cost and benefits and compare it to others.  Each lipo procedure has unique risk benefit ratios regarding the actual treatment, number of treatments required, recovery time, and cost, among other concerns.  Prospective patients can analyze these to determine which of the techniques is the right fit for their situation.  In doing so, they will save themselves from the consequences of being ill prepared for the procedure and all it entails.  This article will discuss the nature of i-lipo, after which it will go over i-lipo cost financially as well as what the treatment itself will require and how it will cost the individual. 

I-Lipo Cost: What is I-Lipo?

I-lipo, or “intelligent lipo”, is a form of laser lipolysis that is non-invasive.  It uses low level laser energy to break apart the fat located in the adipose cells of the body, translating the fat to fatty acids and glycerol.  These are used by the body for energy.  Without introducing a needle or harmful chemicals and without damaging any of the surrounding areas of the body, i-lipo uses lasers to enable a natural process to occur within the body, eliminating body fat from areas that are difficult for the body to target for fat loss.  Typically, individuals receive i-lipo treatment in places such as around the thighs, hips, waist, double chin, and the face, or in other words, those areas of the body that hold onto stubborn body fat regardless of how often, how intensely, or how long the individual exercises.  Immediately after treatment, the patient exercises so that the newly released fatty acids and glycerol are converted to fuel and then burned off rather than converted back into unwanted fat deposits.  Patients who continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet after receiving i-lipo treatment are able to maintain the weight loss and fat loss results.  The average individual can expect results of one to three inches lost after only one i-lipo treatment session.  The procedure also increases the body’s production of collagen, which helps firm and tighten skin.  For treatment, specialists will usually focus on one specific area of the body at a time and give that area an average of eight treatments before moving onto another part of the body. 

I-Lipo Cost: Financially

I-lipo is often given as a series of treatments.  As such, most facilities offer individual treatment pricing and package treatment pricing.  In most cases a prospective patient is asked to contact the clinic directly to learn about pricing options.  For those listed publically, i-lipo cost is usually around two hundred to three hundred dollars per individual session with package deals of eight treatments offered at approximately fifteen to eighteen hundred dollars. 

I-Lipo Treatment and Procedure

Treatments for i-lipo last between ten and thirty minutes, immediately followed by thirty minutes of exercise.  Those who invest in package deals for i-lipo cost can expect to spend an hour twice a week for three to four weeks.  However, the actual treatment is not painful; most patients experience no more than warmth in the area of the body that is being treated.  The treatment does not require that the patient be under anesthesia, which significantly decreases both financial and physical i-lipo cost.  Additionally, the patient does not need to spend any down time recovering from invasive surgery with i-lipo.  Some may argue that it is not as effective a treatment as traditional liposuction or gastric bypass, but even if that were the case, i-lipo would still cost less both financially and in what it requires of the patient, and it can be very effective in helping those seeking to lose a few inches for reunions or special occasions.  Those who consider i-lipo treatment should compare i-lipo cost to smart lipo cost, vaser lipo cost, liposuction cost, and other forms of lipolysis to determine whether or not it may be the best option for them.



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