Dentures vs Implants

What option is better: a set of dentures or

dental implants?

People who are solving the problem of what to do about their missing teeth will usually arrive at two solutions: dental implants vs dentures, getting a set of dentures or undergoing the process of getting dental implants. While both options will work and fill the gaps in the person’s mouth, there are many differences as well. Durability, comfort, and cost should all be considered when a person makes the decision as to choosing to get a set of dentures or dental implants.


70% of patients will choose dentures vs Implants.

Many people with a large quantity of missing teeth will instantly decide that dentures are the best option for them. They most likely came to that conclusion because the cost is cheap. D can be constructed easily with no dental surgery involved. However, people who wear dentures will quickly discover the downsides of wearing them. People who wear a lower set of dentures will find out that the dentures move around frequently and cause the gum tissue in the mouth to become irritated, which in turn, can cause their mouth to form sores.


The only viable way to stop the dentures from moving is to apply a dental adhesive, which is not enjoyable. While upper dentures are not’t as bad as lower ones, they, nonetheless, are not a pleasure to wear. Even though they stay put in the mouth better because of the natural suction in the mouth, it is still hard to eat with them. They also cause sores to form if the person talks a lot or has a tendency to grind their jaw or teeth together while working or in sports.

It seems that the only advantage that a set of dentures has over dental implants is cost and time of availability. Dentures can be made and fitted in a few days.

The positives of dentures are the negatives of implants.

While cost and manufacturing time are the core positives about a set of dentures, they in turn are the only negatives about dental implants. While dental implants are expensive, it is because they are durable, comfortable, and will last a long time (life time in most cases). And even though the patient might have to wait several months before the dental implants can be installed, most patients report it is well worth it.


Once the dental implant procedure is done, the patient will be able to eat and talk with easy. The implants will also provide the patient with a cosmetic enhancement; the new synthetic teeth will be white and custom blended to look exactly like the surrounding teeth. While not a negative, it is important to note that once a person has dental implants, he or she still needs to diligently brush and floss, so that the artificial tooth will be kept clean and not deteriorate over time.

A new option becoming very popular, Denture Implants

Using only a few implants vs one per tooth a set of dentures can be attached to the implants giving the best of both options at a more affordable price. The denture is still removable but is firmly held in place by the implant posts. Denture Implants are definitely a huge improvement vs traditional dentures.

before after 2

While many people believe that a set of dentures is the only option they have when it comes to replacing their missing teeth, the truth is that there is another option, dental implants. While dental implants are more expensive than dentures and do require a dental surgery to be done, in the long run they are the better option. They are a long term solution to replacing missing teeth and will offer the patient a stable way to eat and talk with the same ease they could with their natural teeth.


When you weigh all the plusses and minuses dental implants offer a more natural and lasting option.


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