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Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation done together = totally hot, sexy new you!

TT and BA packages, Cost from $ 6,450

With Financing $ 188 per montha


Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation, a Totally Hot and Sexy New You!

There are some things that happen to women (unfairly I might add!) that can make them a little—in some cases, a lot—embarrassed to wear a bikini in public. Bellies can grow a few inches of fat, and breasts may lose their perkiness with time and breastfeeding. There are also those who are not really blessed with a bikini body from day one. The combination surgeries of tummy tuck and breast augmentation are the solution!

Tummy tuck surgery is needed when the abdominal area has excess skin or excessive stretch marks, or when the stomach needs to be repaired. Breast augmentation is performed when a patient has small/medium breasts or if the breasts are drooping. These two procedures are usually performed separately but there are surgeons who offer tummy tuck and breast augmentation packages to help cut costs.

Undergoing a tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery simultaneously saves a patient a considerable amount of time and money in several ways. Anesthesia and surgical room costs would virtually be reduced in half, since they will be needed only once, not twice. The patient would have to pay for only one pre-operative examination, and they will not need as much medication as compared to when the two cosmetic procedures are done separately. Most importantly, the patient's recovery time would be much less so she will be able to return to return to work sooner.  

To get the best results out of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery package, it is necessary to be in good health when it is performed, since it is a type of multiple surgery, which means that it places more considerably more strain on the body than a single surgery. Drink lots of water to prepare your skin for the procedure. Do not ever participate in extreme diets since you will be placing yourself in danger of decreasing your iron count, which weakens your immune system. For months prior to your surgery date its critical to eat a balanced diet, consisting of foods and supplements rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and minerals.

In addition, months before the tummy tuck and breast augmentation procedure, start yourself in light to moderate exercise program at least three times a week or as prescribed by your doctor. Quit smoking if you are a smoker because smoking will increase the risk of complications. Do not smoke for about two months after the operation because smoking slows the healing process and may affect the overall results. Under no circumstances should you go sun bathing, your skin must be in the best condition for these procedures. I have seen patients have their surgery canceled due to sunburn or excessive tanning!

You don’t have to go down without a fight! A tummy tuck and breast augmentation together will give you the figure you always wanted or in other cases, the figure you had 20 years ago.




Tummy tuck and breast augmentation

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1- Breast Aug, Mini Tummy Tuck,
Lipo Abdomen
2- Breast Augmentation With
Tummy Tuck
3- Breast Lift With Augmentation,
Tummy Tuck
4- Breast Lift With Augmentation,
Tummy Tuck, Butt Fat Graft
5- Breast Lift With Augmentation,
Tummy Tuck, Lipo Abdomen
6- Breast Lift, Mini
Tummy Tuck
7- Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck
8- Breast Reduction,
Tummy Tuck
9- Mini Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Butt Fat Graft And Lipo 3 Areas
10- Mini Tummy Tuck,
Lipo Abdomen



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Tummy tuck and breast augmentation (togather, at th same time!) maybe with lipo added to the surgery

I am in desperate need of a full, extreme "mommy makeover" after my 4 pregenancys, I am not in good shape. I have saggy breasts and my stomach i would not show in public for a million bucks! I have two questions. One, can I have liposuction with this? I need liposuction to the inner and outer thights. I have been to two plastic surgeions and both wanted to have me do the procedures seperatly which really drives the plastic surgery prices way up, why cant I get them both at the same time?

Laura B-Houston or Dallas, TX.


Tummy tuck and breast augmentation, with liposuction?

Dallos, TX. or Houston, TX.

Laura, body contouring is about changing the size, shape and firmness of different body areas. This can be accomplished with many different procedures one of which is Liposuction/Liposculpture. The difference between the two is Liposuction tends to be removal of excess fat is specific areas such as the thighs or buttocks changing the overall shape. An example of Liposculpture, is a procedure where the surgeon literally sculpts a stomach into a washboard stomach complete with six pack. This is done by only removing the fat between the muscle ridges to achieve a sculpted look! This will not have the same effect as a tummy tuck however, as the skin and muscle can not be removed. Tummy Tucks cost a lot more, but is the only procedure that can totally fix a stomach that is stretched out, with excess skin.


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