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Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty Surgeon
Picking the right tummy tuck surgeon for your abdominoplasty is difficult and extremely important. When given an option you should choose the more experienced surgeon. Better plastic surgeons can give you tighter results, lower risk of complications, and faster recovery times. You should find a plastic surgeon that has performed abdominoplasty for at least three years and has some good before and after pictures they can show you. Better surgeons will remove more body fat and skin faster making the surgery have less risk to the patient. Picking a great plastic surgeon is extremely important when having two procedures performed simultaneously like abdominoplasty and liposuction or a breast lift since it longer to perform and is a more complex surgery. Abdominoplasty is also for correcting abdomen muscles that have moved out of correct alignment. This common happens with moms during and after pregnancy the abdomen muscles are stretched to side, which is bad for the body. Even though a more experienced surgeon costs, but if it gets you more skin and fat removed in a shorter time with less risk of a complication it is better than going with the cheap option. Surgery is complex and prices vary but your final decision on surgeon should be based on how good his work is, and if you think he can give you the results you want.


Abdominoplasty Complications
There are a couple of risks and common complications that many TT and plastic surgery patients in general experience. A normal complication / side effect many patients experience is extreme weight loss right after a plastic surgery, particularly with abdominoplasty, causing abdominal irritation and general body discomfort. Other complications include fainting, vomiting, and excessive bleeding. There is normally some bleeding around the incisions right after surgery for the first couple days. If two surgeries are performed simulations (abdominoplasty with liposuction) most patients experience nausea due to the surgeries heavy effects on the body. The majority of patients risk getting complications by certain actions after surgery such as eating poorly, smoking, or drinking. These can easily overload a patient’s body and cause some severe complications, which include internal bleeding, extreme vomiting, and passing out. In order to limit the risk of complications and give you the best results after an abdominoplasty you really need to keep your diet simple after the surgery and follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations.  More complications are seen when both surgeries are performed in one procedure like breast lit and Abdominoplasty or liposuction.


Abdominoplasty Candidates
There are a lot of good candidates for plastic surgery and very bad ones, “no matter if they got amazing results post surgery they are just going to be unhappy after”. Unrealistic expectations make patients very bad candidates for this surgery, yes there will be a lot of body fat and skin removed around the abdomen it doesn't make everyone look perfect. Good candidates for a tummy tuck procedure (abdominoplasty) are people who live a health, relatively risk free, and balanced life and who are looking to reduce sagging skin and sculpt their body. Abdominal skin can sag and stretch for several reasons. These include liposuction, pregnancy, and any quick weight loss. This procedure is for patients who are within 15 percent of their ideal body weight overly obese individuals are not candidates for this procedure. However, many get it after having an additional surgery like liposuction or lap band to help them get to their ideal body weight. The removal of fat is common however most of the weight loss in this surgery is by the reduction of sagging skin around the abdomen this isn't a procedure for weight loss. Long time smokers have higher risk of complications causing surgeons to perform the operation faster which can have some negative effects on results. Before the surgery smokers need to quite smoking two weeks before getting the procedure or any other bad habits. Smoking, drinking, and drugs have to be quite two weeks before surgery and at least 4 post surgery, this is common with any plastic surgery.


Abdominoplasty Liposuction
Getting abdominoplasty performed with another procedure such as liposuction or a beast lift produces better results but has some disadvantages. Most plastic surgeons will offer a package deal for liposuction with a tummy tuck, which will bring the price down substantial on both and give you better results. Like (TT and a breast lift) any time you spend more time in surgery the higher the risk of a complication and bigger hospital bills. Liposuction removes up to 15 pounds of body fat, and the tummy tuck removes and lifts/pulls excess skin leaving you with a much tighter body. There are scars left behind form the TT, which is easily covered with a short procedure six month later. This is an optional expense which most patents get, raising the overall cost of the procedure. Having both surgeries performed at the same time makes the surgery cost more but less than getting each separately. It normally a patient’s body 2 weeks of sleeping and eating right to make a full recovery post surgery.


Before Surgery
Before getting the surgery you will need to get a consultation with your surgeon. Abdominoplasty copulations normally take an hour. This is a great way to get familiar with the surgeon and ask him questions in person and get a general feel for how good he is. He will go over risks, costs, and general abdominoplasty questions .You need to tell your surgeon what results and shapes you want and ask any questions that you might have. Not every patient is a good candidate for abdominoplasty if your not the surgeon will tell you during the consultation. You should tell you surgeon about any medications, surgeries, or complications you might have had. Depending on certain circumstances your surgeon might not be willing to perform two surgeries in the same operation. Being comfortable with the surgeon is very important, and if you have a bad consultation and don’t think he is a good fit than keep looking. Choosing a young and cheap surgeon is not recommended particularly if you are getting a packaged procedure. For simple surgeries like lap band or scar removal cheap is not a bad thing just not for a surgery as complex and demanding as abdominoplasty.


Breast Lift and Abdominoplasty
A common package that many women get with abdominoplasty is a breast lift “Mommy Makeover” both are for tightening skin and removing fat often giving the patient the best results post surgery. Patients get a better price per surgery when buying both procedures simultaneously. However, it also increases the risk of any after surgery complications. Surgeons will remove excess fat and skin around the abdomen (tummy tuck) and also pull the skin up tighter with the breast lift both leaving scars but generally the results are better. Recovery time for both surgeries takes about a week longer when performed in the same operation. Tummy tucks are seriously surgeries so the surgeon might recommend only getting one and waiting to get the other procedure. Most surgeons would recommend that you get the bigger surgery first being a Tummy tuck. Sometimes traveling for a better surgeon is the best option for getting both procedures at the same time. Any time a patient gets both procedures simultaneously the post surgery costs are always higher than one surgery. A common plastic surgery that is performed before a tummy tuck is liposuction many obese patients get this in order to loss enough fat so they can have an abdominoplasty. Before liposuction patient can get a full body lift (tummy tuck) they will need to wait 6 months.  Some breast lift and Abdominoplasty patients are happy with the surgery results however it took them 6 weeks to recover from.


Recovery after Abdominoplasty
A tummy tuck is a major procedure that takes 1-4 hours depending on the surgery, abdomen muscles, and amount of skin removed. Most tummy tuck procedures take two hours and a little more when there are two surgeries being performed like TT and Liposuction or TT and a breast lift. Abdominoplasty  normally takes two weeks of sleeping and resting to recovery from. Most patients feel weak post surgery due to the amount of fat and skin that was removed during the procedure. The most important thing during the recovery post surgery is the patient’s choices partially for the first two weeks after the surgery. The risk of complications occurs after surgery goes up enormously if the patient does not do what the surgeon recommends. Most will recommend a simple diet, no smoking, and overall body care. Your diet after the tummy tuck should be very basic salads, soups, and no processed foods. The patient should not do any physical exercise and should try not move the abdomen quickly or much to help the incision heal.


Cost / Prices for Abdominoplasty
A couple of things that could affect the cost a tummy tuck include location, surgeon, and any post surgery complications. The surgery cost $4-10,000 dollars in the United Sates .You can find lower surgery prices abroad. The cost of the surgery and recovery goes up if you are getting the surgery performed with a side operation like breast lift or liposuction. If any complications occur post surgery depending on how severe they are it could cost thousands in surgeon checkups and medications. Two ways to bring down the cost of an abdominoplasty are traveling overseas or getting a mini tummy tuck after another surgery like Lap band to bring down the weight. There are thousands of surgeons abroad who give their patents amazing surgical results and the patient have another plastic surgeon to do checkups at home. Thousands of abdominoplasty patients get a package due to the cheap prices common ones include “tummy tuck and breast augmentation” or “Tummy Tuck and liposuction”. The best prices on abdominoplasty are found in foreign countries, and many find equal or better surgeons for less for some it allows them to get both procedures at the same time. Some plastic surgeons offer cheap checkups but cost extra for the actual surgery this is  a win-win partially if you need any unexpected checkups due to complications. You should go over the cost, risk, before after photos and possible complications with your surgeon during the consultation.


You should get several quotes and consultations this will give you more options and you should be able to find a better prices and surgeons. You need to keep your expectations realistic on how much skin and body fat is going to be removed and what results you could get form this procedure. You should keep your skin out of the sun before and after the surgery as it will help you recovery faster. Most patients get better results if they have an additional procedure performed at the same time like a breast lift or liposuction. You should try to eat low fat foods and a simple diet before and after the surgery this will help your recovery and results. You need to rest the first two weeks after surgery so your body can recover and you don't get a complication. After a procedure like tummy tuck, liposuction, or a breast lift your body stores fat very quickly so gaining weight is easier and faster than before. Some patients are not good candidates for two procedures in the same operation (Abdominoplasty and Breast Lift) or (Abdominoplasty and Liposuction) this is generally determined by your plastic surgeon.


Common Abdominoplasty Packages
  • TT with Breast Lift
  • TT with Liposuction
  • TT with Breast Augmentation
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