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Thigh Liposuction, Get Rid of Saddlebags

Thigh lipo procedure , Cost from $ 2,250

With Financing $ 36 per montha


So, you like your figure, exercise, eat right, basically making all the right moves, but still can’t get rid of those saddlebags! Saddlebags are genetic; some people once they add weight/fat deposits to the area of their outer thighs, will not lose it, short of starving themselves to a tooth pick. The good news is fitting inside those skin-tight jeans is just a step away after you get thigh liposuction of the outer thighs. This procedure can eliminate those unsightly hip bulges and make you the proud owner of sexy, shapely legs. After the thigh lipo procedure, you can finally buy pants that fit your waist as well as your hips.


In its extreme form women can suffer from the two body syndrome. This condition makes your upper and lower torso appear like almost completely two separate bodies. With this physique, you may need to purchase different sizes of clothes one size for the top body, one for the bottom hip (saddlebag area). However, a few quality hours with your local plastic surgeon, a little thigh lipo on outer thighs, means it all lines up just how it should. 


The outer thighs are prone to hold fat, and you can blame heredity for issuing a ticket to this external thigh hitchhiker. While it is easy to accumulate all those thigh fats, getting rid of them is not. Saddlebags, for some women just cannot be removed by exercise alone. No matter how much effort and sweat you put into workouts, or dieting you never come close to getting rid of saddlebags.


So now what do you do?
Now, thank heavens for thigh liposuction because these unwanted bulges can be a thing of the past. As soon as you say “no” to those fat deposits in your upper posterior thigh, move on and seek medical advice from a board-certified plastic surgeon about a procedure to remove the thighs excess fat.


Thigh fat deposits happen, because this area generates fewer movements compared with other parts of your body. To start off, the surgeon will assess your figure and mark the areas that need to be surgically trimmed down during the procedure. The consultation for thigh liposuction is your surgeons discussion with you to understand your goals. The outcome should be an agreement of the surgical plan and for you to get an idea of the possible thigh liposuction results and a good understanding of the procedure.


To get rid of Saddlebags of the upper posterior thigh using liposuction can be very tricky. The surgeon has to be precise when doing the procedure in order to avoid creating hard lines in the thighs. It’s a delicate line between removing too much fat and just the right amount. The plastic surgeons experience with the thigh liposuction procedures is critical here; it’s really a body contouring being performed under the thighs' skin. The surgeon usually does not need to remove a large volume of fat from the thighs during thigh liposuction for getting rid of saddlebags.


Thigh liposuction is performed by making a small incision where the “Cannula” is inserted. This is a tiny tube that sucks fat and other liquids out. Before this happens, a saline solution that is mixed with anesthesia is injected into the area to help break down the fats for easier extraction. General rule of thumb here is a smaller Cannula will produce a better smoother surgical outcome for this liposclupture procedure.

This lipo technique is just one of many being used in modern liposuction procedures today. Your plastic surgeon is the best person to determine the proper cosmetic procedure that is appropriate for your body type to achieve maximum aesthetic results.

The time it takes for the lipo procedure to be completed depends on the number of areas, and the volume of fat to be treated. Procedures for just the outer thighs take around two hours. If all surgical conditions are normal, you'll be treated as an outpatient. Local anesthesia and sedatives are administered in order to help you cope with the pain and swelling of the liposuction to your outer thighs.


It takes at least three weeks for the swelling and the pain to go away. The healing also depends on general health and how the body reacts to the drugs. If you need more than just the exterior thigh liposuction, the surgeon will perform a circumferential thigh liposuction, the healing process will be longer. Under this procedure, the circumference of the thigh is affected and healing times are prolonged. You should visually see that you got rid of your saddlebags in about three weeks.


When you are dispensed from the outpatient clinic or hospital, you may be going home with a narrow tube inserted onto the posterior thigh. This will help drain the excess fluid from the thigh, until such time that the doctor declares it stable. You will need to visit your doctor after a few weeks. The progress of the healing needs to be monitored your surgeon.

A thigh liposuction costs around $2,500 to $4,500. This is an estimate price which is exclusive of the anesthesia, sedatives and other medications that are needed to help with the healing. For some, this cost may mean breaking the bank. But when you think about the benefits it can do for your body, including your emotional and social well-being, no cost is too big for some people to finally get rid of those thigh saddlebags.



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Saddlebag extreme

My thighs (saddlebags) almost point out, literally. My mom had the same thing. I weight 130 lbs at 5.8. I work out, exercise, in fact I do several exercise that are supposed to target the fat on the thighs- Nothing I do helps get rid of the saddlebags! SO I am very close to getting them sucked out with thigh lipo. I need almost 4 inches taken off the outer thigh, will the skin pull back into shape or will i need another surgery just to handle the thigh skin that's left over?

Lalaha -Houston or Dallas, TX.


Thigh liposuction for extreme fat located on outer thighs

Dallas, TX. / Houston, TX.

Lalaha, The lipo to the thighs is normally not a huge concern as far as the skin retracting to the new shape. That being said, excessive skin damaged due to sun exposure, age and skin elasticity can all come into play here. The best person to talk to that is your plastic surgeon and the consultation. However normally the skin bounces right back, just be sure to follow all pre and post op guidelines laid down for liposuction surgery.


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