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If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read a few testimonials as we believe that our past clients experiences are evidence of our success. If you like what you hear please get a quote here

Adriana, 21

Dear Tonya:

I am writing to you to thank you for helping me achieve the wanted shape and appearance of my body through plastic surgery while having a great time on Margarita Island .

I appreciate the dedication of all you at SSI, who were involved in making my medical tourism experience on Margarita Island be a paradise while I got surgical procedures. Everything for arriving at the airport to surgery and leaving back home was a big event and there was someone there to accompany me. Both my surgeons were devoted to doing everything possible to give me the body of my dreams. Following my surgery it was very reassuring to have my very own personal nurse who was constantly with me supervising my recovery and uplifting my morale, for two days and thereafter. Also, having professional massage therapy daily was wonderful. Last but not lease, I was extremely impressed with the service I got from my personal assistant, Ruben, who did his job very professionally and wholeheartedly in anything he could support and help, including things like organizing activities for entertainment on the island.

Therefore, your wonderful service will remain with me for the rest of my life; business and vacation all in the same package. I am hoping that I will have a change to come back on the island at Palm Beach Hotel where I felt at home, living with the friendly hotel workers. Thank you again for all your help and support through surgery and making me feel welcomed on your home island, Margarita , Venezuela .



Betsy, 55

Emotionally, my experience with SSI has given me a new lease on life.  You probably cannot imagine, my slender sylph, what it means to look in the mirror and see a sculpted, feminine belly -  I keep touching it to make sure it's not a dream - and the view is even more pleasing with my clothes on, because there are no bruises to see!!  Of course it must be noted that my experience with SSI was positive to the max - I'm sure my outlook was colored by the confidence your constant care and attention engendered!  There was also something special in the attitudes of everyone I met on the island - an abundance of self-acceptance and a kind of celebration of the female form that we never feel here.  In Margarita, ALL the women are beautiful and unafraid to show off their curves, don't you think?  Enough philosophizing - suffice to say you are AWESOME!!!


Give big hugs to everyone for me and know that you are all severely missed.  Also, that each one of you will always have close friends in California to visit for as long as you wish if the spirit moves you! 





Dee, 30


SSI helped me transform my body and my way of thinking. It was clear that they had the credentials to make my surgery a success, but it is not everyday that you meet professional people that allow you to know them as a person. I trusted this team with my life! I never once felt fear or doubt. Why? Because there were no barriers between profession and personality SSI, is a qualified team of professionals, and I believe that everyone that belongs to this organization cares about its clients.


I have had several encounters with surgeons and medical staff in the USA, but I have never received this kind of care or ever felt this comfortable with them. I was surprised with the quality of people and care. Have you ever heard the saying, "You pay for what you get"? Well, I have learned through SSI that this is not true. Financially, there is no way that I could have had even one of my procedures done in the USA. It hasn't been one month since my surgery and I am ecstatic with the results so far. Thank You SSI for making my wishes a reality.



Marit, 52

"In October this year I had a facelift done in Porlamar, Margarita. For some years now I have had that in my mind, because after having quit smoking I had gained a lot of weight. When I lost these kilos my skin had lost it's elasticity and I got an ugly double cheek.


By accident I saw an announcement from Surgical Services International (SSI) when I arrived here. The same day I called them and asked for some information. I took one week to think about it and then I contacted them again.


The very same day I got an appointment with my plastic surgeon. He spoke English, French and Spanish so the communication was good. After having been talking with him about what I wanted to be done, I got to trust him. I felt that he wanted what was best for me and not only my money. After this meeting I decided to go through with this operation with him.


SSI contacted me again to find out what I had decided and from that moment they took charge of everything. They contacted the surgeon and the hospital and organized the transportation to and from. Because I don't speak Spanish I got a bilingual nurse who followed my all the time. In addition I got a cell phone with the telephone numbers of the surgeon, SSI and the nurse preprogrammed, with the message that if I need anything I could call at any time of the day.


The operation was successful. I spent one night at the hospital and two nights at an air-conditioned hotel, because I live in a boat. I was never left alone, SSI, the surgeon and the nurse visited me regularly.


Now one month after the operation I can see from one day to another the result of the operation. I am very satisfied!


Doing this in Margarita was a good decision. The surgeon was very clever and very sympathetic and so were the rest of the crew.

In Norway where I am from we are not used to this friendly and warm treatment from the health services.


I would like to thank SSI for having organized my operation so well with such qualified people.

They made this a positive experience for me."

Dave, 55

"The care I received with Surgical Services International is far superior from what you receive in the states. How about the Doctor actually coming to my house and checking up on me? They really care about their patients and their results. The surgeon did a facelift, neck lift, Blepharoplasty, and a brow lift and then he even did more than I paid for! He noticed I had a lot of sun damage and spots so he took them off and did a light chemical peel. I was so satisfied that I may go back next year for a hair transplant!"

Jane H, 43

"I am writing this letter to sincerely thank to Surgical Services International Staff for all of their attention and special thanks to Tonya for all the planning, answering all of my many question and her knowledge of the procedure went a long way to easing my fears.


I tend to be a little on the nervous side, I'm very happy with the results of the surgery, I would recommend your service to every person who is interested in improving their lives."


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