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Neck Lift Surgery

A Plastic Surgery lifting the saggy neck back to its proper position and shape. Multiple neckline surgical options are available.

Face lift or neck lifts are for dealing with sagging neck and facial skin. However, what options do you have if you only need to tighten lose skin on your neckline? Good question! You have a few options depending on the severity of excess skin and fat needing to be delt with surgicaly.



If you have a lot excess skin and fat then you may need a neck lift surgery A Neck Lift Surgery (platysmaplasty) focuses ONLY on the neck and jaw line. An incision is made usually behind the ears and along the hairline along the back of the neck. In some cases, an incision may need to be made just under the chin. This incision allows the surgeon to remove skin from under the chin more effectively and also perform a muscle repair to the underlying chin muscle which will enhance the final results.



Helpful Hint: There are ways to tighten this muscle without surgery and /or keep it tight once you have had the surgery! Sitting straight on a chair and bending your head backward can help strengthen this muscle. Just a few minutes of this a day can do wonders for a soft neckline.

If you have some excess skin and fat then you may only need liposuction. Depending on your genetics you may tend to hold fat below the chin. Removing the fat via liposuction will allow the neck muscles and skin to tighten back to a nice neckline. Note depending on skin elasticity, this may not fix too much extra neck skin.

If your skin quality is good, and you have good facial elasticity you may only need a small incision under your chin and liposuction. This is less invasive than a full neck lift surgery with a quick recovery and excellent results.

'For severe cases of excess skin and fat then you may need a combination of a Full Facelift and a Neck lift."

Typically, a facelift does tighten the neck and jaw line but in severe cases your surgeon may need to tighten the neck muscles, perform liposuction and continue the incision line from behind the ears to the back of the neck. In this case, the surgeon will most likely charge for both procedures. Ask for package pricing.

Just like any plastic surgery, a neck lift surgery is and should be performed by a board-certified surgeon. Be sure to check for credentials and other certifications before proceeding with the operation.


Fees for the procedure vary. Factors like state or country, the surgeon’s expertise and insurance coverage affect the operation’s costs. Normally, a patient is charged with medical fees ranging from $5,000 to $8,000. However, these days, patient financing options are offered, especially to those who do not have insurance coverage for the procedure or people who simply can’t afford neck lift surgery prices in one payment.


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