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Medical Tourism

What is it?


The Cost of Surgery Overseas is the Driving Force for Medical Tourism


Why are hundreds of thousands of people traveling overseas every year to receive plastic surgery or other medical services?


Medical tourism is often purely a financial decision; most people cannot afford the cost of a $35,000 hip replacement surgery or in the case of socialized medicine cannot wait four years to receive surgery.


Another very important reason is anonymity. It is extremely advantageous for certain individuals to go “on vacation” and return home looking refreshed and younger without anyone

knowing they received plastic surgery.

Traveling for a "medical holiday" also provides an opportunity for those with limited vacation time to have both medical services and a vacation with their family or partner.


No matter what your reason is for traveling the most important consideration should always be the quality of care you will receive. This is why at SSI we only use those doctors that are the most experienced and respected within their field. Our goal has always been to give you the best doctors and surgeons in the country, not the least expensive.


Although people have been traveling to receive medical services for years, it can be intimidating for those who have never considered it.



We understand and are dedicated to providing you with as much information about the doctors, hospitals, procedures and your follow-up care, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.

Nip/Tuck & Travel:
Looking for an extreme makeover or just a little Nip/Tuck?

Are you aware of the growing trend of medical tourism? If not, consider this, have the vacation adventure of a lifetime in an exotic country, with sun, sea and pristine white beaches. Your personal assistant awaits you at the airport, accompanied by car and driver. You are whisked away to a luxury beach hotel where you are warmly greeted and everything has been made “just right” for your arrival. Sound great so far? Now add world class plastic surgery. Got your interest?


The kicker, the price tag! This “lifestyles of the rich and famous” treatment will run you half the cost of staying home and having just the surgery. Yes, you heard right half the cost of staying home and having just the surgery! Imagine all this and medical treatment or plastic surgery performed by some of most qualified surgeons in the world. No wonder hundreds of thousands of people annually are exploring the advantages of medical tourism.


A well-known Dallas socialite who travels every year to have "a little work done" said "Why in the world would I pay double the money for half the quality?" That's a good question. She went further adding, “I could never afford the top surgeon in Dallas , but abroad I can, and would I really want to trust my face or body to my second choice because my wallet couldn't stretch far enough?


Plastic surgery and medical tourism trends continue to grow every year. Medical tourism is expected to be a global $2 billion dollar market by 2012. Countries where medical tourism is being actively promoted include South Africa , India , Malaysia , Philippines Singapore and South America . The latter, South America is known for being home to arguably the best plastic surgeons in the world.


There is no end in sight for the worldwide growth of medical tourism, in fact, Malaysian Airlines recently announced their plans to become the first airline to book medical holidays direct from their travel agents and ticket counters. The giant tour operator Thomas Cook has also announced plans to market medical holidays in the near future.


The worldwide demand for plastic surgery rises every year and as more individuals who desire a “Nip/Tuck” realize they can afford VIP treatment with a top surgeon in another country they're packing their bags and heading to the airport!!



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