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Laser Tummy Tuck

Cost from $ 2,400

Cost with Financing $ 85 per month



Why Get A Laser Tummy Tuck?

A laser tummy tuck may be the recommended form of treatment for individuals who want to receive a tummy tuck but do not want to engage in a surgical procedure.  Like the traditional surgical tummy tuck procedure, the results of this non-surgical laser procedure are often a tighter, flatter stomach.  Laser body sculpting can be highly effective, but it can also be less effective than the surgical tummy tuck.  This article will explain the procedure for a laser tummy tuck, highlight the benefits, and acknowledge the risks associated with this form of tummy tuck.

What is a Laser Tummy Tuck?

For laser abdominoplasty, more commonly called the laser tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon inserts a miniscule laser fiber beneath the skin.  The heated laser fiber melts the fat without damaging the surrounding tissue, and increases collagen production, which tightens the skin and creates a more youthful appearance.  As with tummy tuck surgery, it is commonly combined with laser liposuction, though this varies from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient.  There are different sorts of laser technologies used by different plastic surgeons, which means that the patient who desires to receive this treatment should research each of them thoroughly before making a decision on where to go to receive treatment.  The most eligible patients for this procedure are those who need to improve minor flaws and who have not compromised their skin with pregnancy or other conditions or situations. 

Benefits of Laser Tummy Tuck

Some of the benefits of a laser tummy tuck include its non-invasive treatment and lack of large surgical scars.  Unlike the surgical tummy tuck in which surgeons create an incision in the lower abdomen from hip to hip, using sutures to tighten the abdominal muscles, removing the excess fat and skin, and leaving a massive scar, this laser procedure is minimally invasive and leaves hardly any scarring.  The approximately one quarter inch long incisions used to insert the laser fiber are hidden in areas such as the navel, which makes them far less noticeable than the long scar left by traditional tummy tuck surgery.  In addition, the results are smoother and more accurate, leaving the body shapelier and more contoured to the patient’s desire.  Because of the size of the tiny laser fiber used in laser abdominoplasty, it is able to treat areas of the abdomen that are more difficult to reach during a surgical tummy tuck, without the surgery leaving additional scars in more visible places such as the upper abdominal area.  This is also the reason why laser body sculpting is able to create more shapely results.  An additional benefit is that the recovery time can be as short as a week.  Laser tummy tuck recovery is shorter than traditional tummy tuck recovery because the procedure is less invasive and less traumatic for the body to heal from.  Therefore, the recovery is also less painful. 


Risks of Laser Tummy Tuck

There are a few risks or disadvantages associated with laser tummy tuck.  One of these is that the results, though often more smooth, are not as drastic.  Individuals who may have a significant amount of excess skin to be removed are far more likely to achieve the desired results with surgery than with laser treatment.  In addition, the results for laser abdominoplasty can be unpredictable.  With surgical tummy tuck, the excess skin is immediately and permanently removed, but with the laser procedure, the skin is tightened, and results depend on the body’s ability to produce collagen.  Sometimes the results can take a while to appear and the skin may not tighten to the level desired by the patient.  For example, skin that has been stretched excessively from causes such as pregnancy will likely not respond well to laser tightening.  In those cases, surgery may be the preferred method of treatment.  In addition, some individuals react negatively to the laser treatment and develop burns or rashes.  Swelling and bruising may also occur, but generally they are far less common or significant than they are after surgical tummy tuck procedures. 

Why Laser Tummy Tuck?

Patients who desire to receive a tummy tuck but who don’t want to have surgery should consider this minimally invasive procedure as a viable option.  While it does have risks as any other cosmetic treatment, there are vast benefits.  Depending on the patient’s situation, laser body sculpting may be the most appropriate form of treatment to achieve the desired results.



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