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International Medical Tourism

Where are we?


Surgical Services International is just what the name implies. We work in international medical tourism. We have been in the business of helping people get the surgeries they need, at a price they can afford for over seven years.

We have personal relationships with surgeons all around the world. We have Surgical Partners in Mexico, Argentina India and Costa Rica, just to name a few. Due to our excellent reputation we are able to make arrangements for surgeries with top notch surgeons around the globe at pricing you can afford. We negotiate all inclusive pricing you could not get on your own. Medical tourism is not a new fad, but a viable option for the over one million patients worldwide that currently travel for their medical needs.

If there is a location you prefer to go to, that is not an existing Surgical Partner with SSI, just let us know and we'll do the research for you via a personal referral from one of our global medical partners. We will find the right surgeon for the procedure, in the location of your choosing.

At SSI we also understand that sometimes you need to stick closer to home for your procedure as well. We currently offer excellent surgeons in the continental US as well. Itís all about what you need to feel comfortable in your decision to have a procedure. If you would like to get a quote today to explore what options are best for you please click here.

Tijuana, Mexico
Medical Tourism is alive and well here which means smooth sailing for our clients who come here. With English speaking staff in the clinics, hotels and airports. A lot of people travel to Mexico for plastic surgery, dental and bariatric procedures like lap band and gastric sleeve surgery. You will fly into San Diego and be transported by private driver to the clinics, normally only ten minutes across the border. Those ten minutes will allow you to adjust your budget downward by about 50 percent. We work with several doctors in Mexico that have almost a hundred percent American cliental.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
This location is adored by many. With its gorgeous private clinic, beautiful gardens and architecture, its a hit with those who want to combine a mini vacation along with their surgery. Your every comfort is taken care of and you can just sit back, relax, recover, and enjoy the view.

Kerela, India
India is a beautiful country. With friendly and kind people who want to make sure your every need and want is taken care of. One of the pers of our India location is that you can bring along a guest free of charge. They have suites onsite at the hospital for you and your guest. Food included! Just pay the airfare and you are well on your way. Did I mention that the surgeons are top notch and used around the world, especially in England for not only Cosmetic Surgery but Dental and General Surgery as well?



Anystate, United States
Due to recent economy changes, we occasionally have the opportunity to arrange some great pricing at a surgeon close to you. If you can't get away, for whatever reason and need something close to home, we can help.

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