Lap Band Mexico

Choosing to get your Lap Band Surgery "Across the Border"

"You will find the best price here for Lap band Mexico. Lap Band Mexico choices are not risky, and you do not have to compromise the quality."

If you are considering getting a gastric band (Lap Band) procedure in Mexico, Surgical Services International has surgical partners located just ten minutes across the border. Traveling to get your bariatric procedure will save you about 65% or more.

Our surgeons are Allergan Lap-Band system certified in exactly the same way as their U.S. and Canadian medical counterparts.

Many of our patients are very surprised to learn that a Lap Band Mexico obesity surgeon is likely to have more experience in the lap band procedure than his U.S. counterpart. The FDA only approved the use of Lap Band surgery in late 2001. Mexico approved the procedure in the 1990s. That means that many gastric surgeons will have had several extra years of experience with the procedure across the border. We consider this important information.

This factor alone can be a deciding factor for some patients who want the most experienced surgeon they can find, regardless of where the surgeon is located.
One of the reason's patients have been flocking to Mexico to get Lap Band surgery is obviously the cost.

Particularly, true for gastric patients who are out of pocket and will not be covered by their insurance carrier. The typical costs associated with Lap Band surgery in Mexico are a substantial incentive at this time.

Lap Band United States Prices

The United States costs for Lap Band surgery range between ten thousand dollars on the low end and as high as thirty thousand dollars. These cost variations are mostly based on your location. Some states are much more expensive than others.

Lap Band Mexico Prices

Lap Band Mexico surgery, on the other hand, costs less than half that figure. Surgical Services currently has a package that includes, basically everything, minus airfare for $4,500 US Dollars.

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Will Medicaid or Medicare cover a Gastric Band?

In order for either of these organizations to cover your lap band, you must be categorized as morbidly obese. You must demonstrate you have a BMI of over forty. You will have to have documented proof that you have tried several other traditional weight loss methods prior to be even considered for coverage for weight loss surgery. This requirement for the surgery in the States is other reason patients are having the weight loss procedure in Mexico.

What are the differences between getting my weight loss surgery at home vs. getting a Lap Band in Mexico?

The differences will be minimal, but there are important considerations that you need to be aware of.

You have to be comfortable with the surgeon without having an in person meeting. Our Surgical Partners have performed thousands of these procedures and have been fully investigated by SSI, but you still have to be comfortable with the fact you will not meet your surgeon prior to booking a lap-band surgery in Mexico. This is where choosing to work with Surgical Services International has distinct advantages over just for a gastric surgeon in Mexico.

You will require a current passport to cross the border into Mexico. Whether you are traveling by car or plane you will need a passport to travel to Mexico and to return to the United States or Canada. This should be planned in advance as waiting to the last moment will add an additional expense to have the process expatiated.

You will need to find a United States or Canadian Doctor to handle the maintenance on your Lap Band that was inserted in Mexico. This is not a big issue as there are many Gastric Surgeons in both countries.

These are the main concerns that our patients report on getting their Lap Band in Mexico.

Why choose SSI as your medical tourism agent?

We have been in the business of providing medical tourism through our Surgical Partners for over seven years. We are Americans, who understand what you expect in a doctor and an overall surgical experience.

Another important consideration is that Surgical Services International has a lot more influence than any individual patient could have. This is simply a result of patient volume. It makes sense that if we send 20 patients per month to a surgical partner, then it is in their best interest to provide our patients with their top level service. If you have a concern or issue with a process that is going on in your lap band surgery in Mexico, You will be able to call us directly, and we will work to get it resolved on your behalf. Our partners understand that when they are providing services to our clientele, the standards required are the highest they can produce. Nothing less than the best is acceptable for our patients, period. This may sound a bit heavy handed, but this is surgery, and it’s serious, to us and you.

Why is getting the Lap Band Surgery in Mexico so inexpensive? This makes me a little uneasy

This is probably the number one question we get in every division of medical tourism. The answer is twofold.

One: It is that the cost of living is less expensive in other countries, so the wages required for a Gastric Surgeon or a registered nurse is much lower. This has a very large effect on the budgets given.

Two: The difference in the value of currencies. The value of every country’s currency rises and falls regularly. Sometimes the shifts can last for several years. During times when the US or Canadian currency is strong against another country's currency, then travel and surgery in that country become significantly more affordable.
Sometimes it is a combination of those two factors that combine to make a great opportunity to achieve substantial savings.

Currently getting your Lap Band in Mexico is just such an example. You expect to have a surgeon who is trained in exactly the same fashion, has comperable credentials as your home town Surgeon and is certified on FDA approved devices.

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+1 # lap band New YorkTonya -New York, NY 2012-03-28 15:58
I am thinking about getting my lop band done in Mexico. I have a concern about getting my fills done. Will U.S. doctors give me grief about having my lap band done there? I have heard that by getting plastic surgery for example in Mexico it can be difficult to get a doctor to do your follow up visits etc.
0 # Lap Band Mexico and finding a doctor at home to handle follow up fillsSSI_Answer 2012-03-28 16:03
Tonya, This is a great and really important question. My advise is simple find a doctor first before you leave for your surgery who will handle the fills. It is totally unprofessional for a doctor to reject you because you chose to get a surgery abroad, yet they do it everyday.

The fact is that with a little looking you will find an intellegent doctor who will handle the restriction fluids for your lap band .
0 # BMI for Lap Band Los Angeles or MexicoSam, Los Angeles CA 2012-03-28 15:59
How overweight do you have to be to get a lap band? is their a scale of sorts or a BMI that I have to be to qualify? I am 5.6 and 210 pounds. Do I qualify?
+1 # Weight restriction for lap band Los AngelesSSI_Answer 2012-03-28 16:03
Hi Sam, The general rule of thumb, and this is general is that if you are 100 lbs overweight and have health issuse related to being overweight than you qualify for a lap band. If you chose to have your lap band done in Mexico this would be a qualification.

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