Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost

Gastric sleeve costs a lot in the States

If you are considering a weight loss surgery you have probably come across a procedure called a Gastric Sleeve. This surgery is expensive, costing many patients well over $13,000 U.S. Dollars in the States at the present.

If you are not covered by your insurance carrier for this procedure, or are self funding for any reason, then the out of pocket expenses will be important to budget for.

Surgical Services International has packages for Gastric Sleeve surgery that are all inclusive. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery is $5,500

Click here to get a detailed gastric sleeve cost based quote. All surgery fees are included in your price

Breakdown of the costs that you must budget for when getting Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • The bariatric surgeon’s fee
  • Facility expenses hospital or surgical theater
  • Laboratory pre-op fees
  • X-ray fees
  • Post surgery medications
  • Post surgical supply’s
  • Gastric sleeve cost breakdown, including monies that will pay out over a longer timeframe as a consequence of your procedure.
  • Follow up consultations with your doctor or dietitian
  • Travel expenses if you are traveling to get your gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Additional surgeries that may be needed down the road after your weight loss.
  • Additional gastric procedures like a full bypass if you are using the gastric sleeve surgery as a first stage procedure and need a more invasive gastric procedure.
  • Cost of post gastric surgery diet, will you be purchasing special meals, vitamins or supplements over a long term.
  • Possible loss of wages for you, will your job pay you when you are undergoing this procedure. Will another member of your household need to take off work to assist you?

Expense checklist to go over with your bariatric surgeon

First go over your doctors quote for gastric sleeve surgery and identify exactly what is clearly included in the quote. Be very detailed in this process, it will alleviate any misunderstands and allows you to budget accordingly. The last thing you need is to have financial concerns on top of the stress of undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure.

Many patients are hesitant to closely question their surgeons about matters of finance as it relates to surgery. You need to have a more regular consumer approach toward the procedure. You are the buyer and the surgeon is the seller. Ask the questions that you would ask about any major purchase, what’s the warranty, what’s covered, who is responsible for it breaking? What if something goes wrong, what are my options and who is paying for those options?

Do not hesitate to ask for the detailed points you discuss about financial matters to be put into writing, most surgeons will have no problem doing so.

Questions to ask your surgeon or his head of administration concerning gastric sleeve cost

  • What is the cost of the vertical sleeve surgery; ask for a detailed surgeryquote in as much detail as possible. Even if they say that it is an all exclusive price for the surgery. Ask under what circumstances could the price could be affected. A good example of where a cost can change, is most quotes are for a standard patient. What does that mean? Well, say you have a allergy to the normal anesthetic the anesthesiologist normally uses and they need to buy or use one special for your surgery, this normally includes a surcharge for the patient. Almost every all inclusive quote has circumstances that will affect the surgery cost, get this information in advance so you can budget for your bariatric surgery accordingly
  • If you are getting a second bariatric procedure at a later date, can you get a discount? Don’t hesitate to ask, again treat this like a normal large ticket purchase. If you are getting two bariatric surgery you should get cost savings, no question.
  • Ask about what financing options are available and what the interest rates are. Financing for bariatric surgery is not typically at very competitive rates, unless your credit score is above average. Make sure to total the entire price with financing charges before accepting any credit terms.
  • Discuss what happens if you have to have a second surgery due to a complication or any other reason. What are the surgery costs involved, and what is your financial responsibility. should the need arise for a second surgery. Often if there is a complication, which is rare with gastric sleeve surgery, the patient pays a reduced rate for the procedure or just has to cover actual surgical theater cost. But it is something you want to know in advance.

A clear idea of how much your gastric sleeve surgery cost will be, including ALL fees is an important step.


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