Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a bariatric procedure to promote extreme weight loss at a great price.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, cost, risks, info

The procedure is performed laparoscopically, which makes the recovery fast and the surgery much safer than a gastric bypass. An advantage that gastric sleeve has over lap band is the faster acting results to slim a patient’s body without needing constant band adjustments, which cost a lot. After a couple of months most gastric sleeve patients need another surgery commonly referred to as a skin lift. Every medical professional is different so ask the surgeon when you can get the other procedure. There are a lot of weight loss surgeries (bariatric procedures) to pick from it all depend on what you want. If you want a flat stomach, no need for a lift surgery, and are okay with a long recovery than a gastric bypass is better. This tends to have fewer medical checkups, but has a very high cost and is for patients who suffer from obesity.  Lap band surgery might fit a patient who is willing to wait for their ideal body and wants to spread the cost of the surgery. For gastric sleeve a lot of the price is in the medical/hospital recovery and surgeon because it is performed laparoscopically.

Gastric sleeve triggers very fast weight loss, and since the stomach is a smaller pouch it can’t hold much food. The surgery normally takes two hours to perform and one week for recovery the stomach is very upset. Before any bariatric procedure, the surgeon will have patients quit smoking a while before and after the surgery.  Some patients are put on very special diets to reduce the risk of complications and improve recovery and results. Extreme obesity is very hard on the body, and gastric bypass is recommended to lift the weight off the internal organs. Of all the bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass tends to cost the most and require enormous amounts of medical treatment during recovery only raising the overall price. Getting an experienced surgeon to perform the gastric sleeve surgery can be very important and cost a lot. This is a complicated bariatric procedure which removes most of your stomach to help your body loss weight very quickly. Complications for this surgery tend to bring the price of the medical stay way up, and recovery tends to be very long if one arises.  Some patients have complications due to over obesity, and it causes a stitch to tear or an additional procedure to correct. Most patients will need to wait about two years to either get a lift or any other surgery, for that matter.  Gastric bypass removes an enormous amount of weight and skin in one surgery but is far riskier.

Gastric sleeve Vs Gastric bypass

Gastric sleeve surgery takes long to get the body you want the weight loss is far more gradual. Furthermore, for patients with eating disorders painful because their stomach simply won’t take as much food as they like. So for quick fat and skin around the stomach than gastric bypass is probably the better bariatric procedure. However, also a longer recovery time has and requires more time in surgery.  Lap banding and gastric sleeve both have slower weight loss which and a lot of patients need another surgery to remove the sagging skin, mostly around the stomach. The medical costs can vary between the surgeries but the more a patient’s body suffers with obesity the higher the risk of severe medical problems. Some surgeons will recommend gastric bypass surgery, which does cost more normally just to help take the weight off of the patient’s body.

Gastric Sleeve Cost and Recovery

Gastric sleeve procedure normally costs about 10 thousand dollars for just the surgery. Then you have the medical prescriptions, special recovery diets, and surgeon checkups. Gastric bypass tends to cost more throughout the whole surgery and recovery. Like lap band most patients will get another surgery to remove skin commonly called a lift because after the weight loss the body did not pull the excess skin in. One downside to a sleeve procedure is that if there is a complication, they can be severe. Furthermore,, any complications or extra surgeon checkups cost a lot. The price for a surgeon, medical hospital, bariatric surgery, and recovery can be cut in half or more by traveling. A lot of people are traveling for weight loss surgeries to low cost places like Costa Rica. A lot of US perform procedures out of Costa Rica because it costs them and their clients a lot less. In most cases, it the patient gets a world-class surgery set up, and it costs them a third. Gastric sleeve is a specialty which patients travel to Costa Rica for more experienced surgeons. However, due to rising US obesity, there are a lot of hot spots around the world for cheap and great weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass and lap band surgery.


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