Lap Band Costs

Prices from $4,500 / With all Fees Included

'LAP-BAND Cost in the U.S. is becoming more expensive. The fees are rising annually, currently the high end prices are almost $20,000."

Undergoing Weight loss surgery is a life changing, medical decision, which has financial aspects to consider. The price will depend on many factors. Depending on your health and unique situation there is not a "correct cost" for LAP-BAND® surgery.Factors that will influence your total price include, where you chose to get the surgery (this is the biggest single cost factor). Your choice of a gastric surgeon and what fees are covered in the hospital's quoted price. When you know up front all the monetary aspects of a procedure, it becomes a much more affordable prospect as you can budget accordingly.

LAP-BAND® Price Comparison

As you compare quotes for LAP BAND Surgery, “cheap, cheap" is often expensive!". Why? There are several hidden fees that are frequently not factored in your original quote. The list is extensive; make sure your bid covers the following items.

  • Surgeons Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Pre surgery Lab Fees
  • Surgery complication expenses
  • Surgery overrun costs

Other expenses include lifestyle changes, and what they will cost you in the long term, some of these can include.

  • Exercise expenses(Gym)
  • Nutrition and diet counseling
  • Wardrobe changes due to surgery can add up.
  • Any ongoing follow up doctor apt could be a considerable annual expense.

As this budget checklist shows you it’s not just the cost of the surgery it’s ‘what is included in price that really dictates what you will actually be paying.

LAP-BAND® Prices in the U. S.

United States prices for LAP-BAND® surgery is between $13,000 and $19,000. Lap Band packages include hospital fees, Pre-op testing and surgeons consultations in this fee structure. Most proposals do not cover follow up- appointments and fluid adjustments for the Band beyond a certain point. Ask about everything that is included in your package and use the expense checklist above to verify everything that can cause to you go over-budget.

LAP-BAND® Costs in Mexico

U.S. Patients have for years are choosing to travel outside the States to find low-cost LAP-BAND® Options. The top destination outside of the US borders is Mexico. The cost for a Band Surgery is $ 5,000 to $9,500 in Mexico. If you are considering this option, make sure you allow for travel related expenses, and the follow ups needed for this surgery.

Cost of Exams/ Pre-op Tests

Following your surgeon's approval of you for LAP-BAND® surgery, the next step is a battery of pre-operative lab tests and exams. The outcome of these will be the final step in being cleared medically for weight loss surgery. Typical exams can include, chest X-rays, electrocardiograph (EKG) and an echocardiogram. The overall price should include these costs, but if not they can add additional expenses running to over $1000 if billed outside the package quote.

Cost of Band Adjustments/ Follow Up Care

Band adjustments are a critical part of LAP-BAND® surgery. The adjustments are directly tied to your food intake level and as such are related to weight loss. Some surgeons will include a price structure to include the adjustments; some will not and change a separate fee for this. Typical prices for adjustments range between $100 and $350 (special note. Some surgeons charge non surgical patients more than their patients so ask when making the appointment!).

Budgeting for the total LAP-BAND COSTS procedure are important as the price tag should not be something you are concerned with when you undergo your weight loss surgery.


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