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Male Breast Reduction : Gynecomastia

Removing excess fat from male breasts

Cost from $ 1,200

Price with Financing $ 98 per month


Some men have enhanced male breast development


Male breast reduction is the standard procedure to remove excess fat and regain a more masculine chest. This condition is either because they have lost a lot of weight and have extra skin or because the underlying breast tissue has grown called Gynecomastia. Most male children and teens will go through a phase where they have excess fat being carried in the chest area. This is considered normal and will correct itself in time.Breast reduction is a surgical operation to reduce the size of breasts by liposuction primarily to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the chest.


Male breast over-development or Gynecomastia is generally an abnormality of a mans breast maturation. Occasionally, due to endocrine hormone abnormalities, this over development most often occurs with no apparent cause in fully mature males. Being overweight or obese is sometimes a contributing factor, but equally often the problem is simply due to undesirable pectoral fat storage, basically your body decides to give you a set of poorly placed love Handel's.


Most common reason for overdeveloped breasts

  • Men who never lost excess breast fat after puberty
  • Men who take recreational drugs like marijuana
  • Men who take certain medications (see drug list below)
  • Men who have taken steroids for weight lifting
  • Obese men even after weight loss


Male breast reduction surgery is different than female breast reduction surgery in that the breast is rarely cut open from the bottom half and an anchor incision is used to pull up the breast to a more attractive height.


Certain medications may also contribute to the development of Gynecomastia, especially drugs used for hormonal treatments of some male cancers. Gynecomastia usually does not signal the presence of any "disease", but since Breast Cancer does occasionally occur in older males, the finding of unilateral (one-sided) male breast enlargement must be considered a particular danger, and biopsy is usually warranted.




Drugs that contribute to male breast growth. If you take or have taken any of the following drugs, let your surgeon know as they may affect the surgery and potential outcome.

* You should check to see if you are taking any of the following medications.


steroids amiloride
metoclopramide estrogens
vincristine ketoconazole
amphetamines amiodarone
penicillamine domperidone
ketoconazole antiandrogens
anabolic nifedipine
spironolactone anticancer drugs
tricyclic methyldopa
busulfan reserpine
marijuana diethylpropion
diazepam cimetidine
phenytoin phenothiazines
captopril nitrosourea
isoniazid androgens




Although enlarged male breasts do not usually represent a disease, it is often a source of teasing and certainly a source of significant embarrassment in between men. As one of our clients said “It’s hard to feel masculine when you feel like you have breasts. As such the surgical correction of this issue is very important to the patient. Male breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction ratings in plastic surgery.



Treatment of Gynecomastia in a Hospital or Surgical Suite usually entails a combination of Tumescent Liposuction contouring, and also direct removal of excess glandular breast tissue, which is too fibrous to be removed and shaped by liposuction technique alone. It is easier to treat the condition in men who are close to ideal body weight.


The surgery normal involves a small incision under each nipple and heals quite well (normally virtually invisible). A compression garment is worn on the chest for about two weeks after surgery, and exercise is limited for about 3-4 weeks. Male breast reduction surgery is often combined with a liposuction of the abdomen to complement the new flatter chest with a more masculine contour.


Surgical Options for Male Breast Reduction
Liposuction Excising (removing tissue)
For patients who are only have excessive pockets of fat or just want have a more masculine pectoral outline. This is common decided by having only softer fatty areas in the pecstorials. If the patient has harder more localized pockets of tissue or hard deposits of fat. Liposuction alone may not be enough to flatten the chest area. More invasive surgical removal is necessary.


Men who are good candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery. The most ideal patient for this is a person who is of normal weight, has not been previously obese, and is not taking medications or recreational drugs that may cause a recurrence. A good candidate for this procedure is anyone who has emotional issues concerning their chest and does not like to take off their shirt in public.

Men who are bad candidates for Gynecomastia surgery? Men who have been or are obese and or have not tried to lose the chest fat by diet and exercise. Men who are taking medications that lead to breast development in men, some cancer drugs, for instance, that could lead to re growth of enlarged male breasts.


Insurance coverage

Most Insurance coverage does not include male breast reduction, unless it is concerning a health hazard and has been biopsied. If it is covered under your regular carrier, the coverage usually does not cover the full cost of the procedure.




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Male Breast reduction, male breasts (man boobs)


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