Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery is quickly becoming the most popular and effective bariatric procedure. Lap-banding has a lot of advantages over other surgical procedures. Common factors to consider about this surgery include cost, surgeons, manual band adjustments, and what steps to take to get this procedure. Lap banding is a minor operation which takes most surgeons thirty minutes to perform. It also requires the least preoperative screening of any bariatric surgery. There are a lot of things that every patient needs to know about the process involved with getting this surgery.

The price of lap band is typically affected by clinic prices, surgeon’s costs, and location. The operation in the U.S. normally costs $5,000 and up overseas it generally runs a lot less. Some bariatric surgeons will offer patients a reduced price if they are great candidates, and if they don’t require a lot of post-surgery band adjustments. The first of many steps that patients looking to have lap band performed should take is to get a consultation with several surgeons and look at different clinics this is a major expense. The second step to take is look abroad because it could reduce the cost of any bariatric procedure up to fifty percent. Bariatric surgeons will tell you if you are a candidate for gastric banding also known as lap band. Patients need to be within 70% of their ideal body weight. Too much weight does not allow bariatric surgeons the ability to create the stoma / pouch in the patient’s stomach. Almost all surgeons charge patients for the consultation and post surgery checkups.


“Lap Band Surgery”  The Operation

Surgeons make a tiny incision near the top of the abdomen they can then go in claustrophobically and place an adjustable gastric band (device) around the top of the stomach. Creating a pouch commonly referred to as (stoma) this new pouch/stomach reduces your body’s food intake. After the procedure / operation surgeons will make adjustments to the lap band by injecting cc of saline into the device around the stomach. After the operation surgeons will adjust the gastric band by two to three cc of saline each checkup. When more saline is injected the band becomes tighter constricting the stoma / pouch which reduces your food intake even more. Surgeons will reduce the amount of saline in the band for the patient to get another surgery or having a baby. Getting the gastric band removed is an even shorter operation, when surgically removed it can cause the stomach to be extremely irritated normally leading to several days in the hospital / clinic. Also once the stoma is created the pouch tends takes a couple days to go back to it’s normally position is the patient’s stomach.

Advantages of Lap band

Lap band surgery has several distinct advantages over other surgical procedures, particularly bariatric operations. The actual lap band operation normally takes two days to recover from, and one day in the hospital post surgery. It has the lowest complication rates of any bariatric surgery and there is not stapling or serious surgical incision, which really reduces discomfort after the operation. The gastric band is generally left in the patient’s stomach, and surgeons can adjust the saline to help patient gain or loss weight. Unlike other surgical procedures lap band helps keep the weight off post surgery. Since the surgery is being performed by bariatric surgeons, there are no packages available. Female patients generally have liposuction with breast augmentation but bariatric surgeons are not plastic and cannot perform any plastic surgery procedures. However, thousands of patients have other procedures a year after getting lap band because their stomach has excess skin. Since the operation is performed laparoscopically there is a tiny scar left on the stomach and is very hard to see.
A common procedure that many patients get after lap band is a tummy tuck with breast augmentation (women), and men get TT with liposuction. The pouch / band can be removed by a bariatric surgeon, but it does take a full operation to remove it. Several clinics and surgeons will offer patients discounts if they plan to have it removed in 10 to 15 years, but again it is another surgical procedure, and most of the time just costs more. Female patients, in particular need to get the gastric band adjusted to intake more calories before getting another surgery like breast augmentation or anything. Most surgeons will schedule an appointment every three months to make adjustments to the lap band. This has the lowest amount of surgical complications and has the shortest recovery time of any bariatric surgery. Since the gastric band regulates your stomach’s food intake for your entire life it is a long term successful weight loss strategy. Furthermore, if you are gaining too much weight the gastric band will be manually adjusted by any bariatric specialist or surgeon to help you eat less. Most lap band surgery patients have another operation like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation afterward to counter any excess skin making their bodies look great.

The Steps involved in the Lap band Surgery Processes

  1. Find Surgeons
  2. Get Consolations
  3. Pick your Clinic / hospital
  4. Pre surgery Work-up
  5. The Surgical Operation
  6. Recovery, Diet
  7. Check Ups


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