Forehead Lift and Brow Lift

The forehead and brow are often the first areas to show the effects of aging. Wrinkling across the forehead and heaviness in the brows can be caused by many different factors. Stress, sun, wind, the pull of gravity and excessive squinting all affect the face and cause you to look tired and older than you are.

To see what a forehead lift can do for your face, put your hands above your brows and outside the edges of your eyes and gently raise the skin upwards. Forehead lifts are an option if you have a heavy brow or deep furrows between the eyes. A forehead and brow lift can be combined with an eyelid surgery or facelift to improve the overall youthful appearance of your face.

The forehead lift procedure takes between one to two hours to perform. It is most commonly performed under IV sedation or twilight anesthesia. Incisions can be placed at the hairline, behind the hairline, or in some cases, in the brow or in the mid forehead. Your surgeon can help you select the best technique for you. You can expect a certain amount of swelling and bruising in the 10 day period following surgery. Sutures are normally removed 7 to 10 days after surgery. Most patients can resume normal activities in two weeks, but still may be advised to avoid strenuous activities for longer periods.



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