Denture Pain

“Sensitive gums can lead to denture pain, try these remedies, if irritation continues, see your dentist “.

Coping With Denture Pain
Missing teeth? Get dentures! Dentures, more commonly known as false teeth, are detachable prosthetic devices that are constructed to substitute for missing teeth. Conventional dentures are removable, but denture designs are many, some, which rely on attaching or grasping on to teeth or dental implants. There may be pain for a little while once a patient gets a denture for the first time until such a time the mouth gets adjusted to them.Denture pain frequently happens when the dentures produce sore spots, which are caused by the loosening or the rubbing of dentures on the gums. The gum ridge may tighten up because of the absence of teeth.

Tips on How to Cope With Denture Pain

1. When a patient gets their dentures for the first time, they must eat foods that need minimal chewing, such as oatmeal, bananas and Jell-o. The gums are still sore and tender, and must be given a period to adjust to the new sensation of having dentures. Tough, hard foods that would need additional thorough chewing should be tried a bit later after the adjustment period.

2. Dentures must be maintained and kept sterile to avoid the build-up of bacteria. When bacteria are prevalent on the dentures it could slow the gum healing process. The dentures must be scrubbed at least two times in a day. They must be scrubbed using a toothbrush, using a mild soap and moderately warm water. Before replacing the dentures, they must be thoroughly rinsed.

3. A mild herbal mouthwash is the best solution for sensitive mouths. Mix two teaspoons of crushed aniseed, one tablespoon of peppermint leaves, and two cups of boiling water. Cover the solution and let it steep for up to eight hours. Strain the solution and add one teaspoon myrrh tincture, which acts like an antiseptic and preservative. One can utilize two tablespoons twice a day for rinsing. The rest of the rinse can be stored in a glass bottle, but you should shake that bottle well before using.

4. Gargling using warm salt water may help denture-wearers get an easier adjustment without the mouth sores as salt is a natural cleaning agent and promotes healing. One can avert sore spots from being infected or inflamed by rinsing every three to four hours. The salt water washes out bacteria, shrinks swollen tissue, and helps toughen the tender tissue. Make a saltwater rinse by adding one half teaspoon salt to four ounces warm water. Gargle and spit. Do this twice a day.

5. Give one’s mouth a rest after wearing dentures at least once a day. Always remove the false teeth at night. One may also want to remove dentures for 24 hours, should one develop a red spot on the gums.

6. People with dentures should have them checked yearly. The dentures should also be relined every two to three years. Dentures should be replaced every five to six years, subject to the amount of wear and tear and how the gums shrink.

More Tips 
One could try the Weber Denture Liner, which are manufactured to fill the gaps between the gums and the dentures. These gaps are usually created by the slow, natural shrinking of the gums and jawbones after the regular teeth have been removed. denture pain is usually temporary, and the above tips should solve most issues.


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